Thursday, September 23, 2010

dresses + boots!

Boots and dresses are a match made in heaven this season... there are so many fun dresses in great prints to choose from and boots of all shapes and sizes have never been so hot! I also happen to know that boots and dresses are on your minds as well... judging by the emails I receive from you all! I whipped up some perfect matches for you... enjoy!

(above: dress, boots)

(above: dress, boots)

(above: dress, boots)
(above: dress, boots)
(above: dress, boots)

It's near impossible to choose a favorite! Don't you just love the long sleeved dresses? So gorgeous!


Cathy said...

Oooh! I love the last pair of booties! At first I was afraid to click the link for the price, but then I remembered that Jill wouldn't lead us astray with something overpriced. At $34 I might have to pick up a pair!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

you know me! ;)

*starr fish said...

I love wearing dresses and boots, so I'm all about this post! Usually tall boots though. The shorty boots or even mid-calf boots with a skirt or dress perplex me. I've tried that look on, but it never feels right. What's the trick to pulling off the dresses/shorter boot combo?

Dobbygirl said...

Love the first combo!

jill said...

♥boots & dresses♥ a match made in heaven!! love the combos here. i wore boots and a dress on sunday - first time this season! yay!

cynthia said...

I am loving the boot in picture number 4. I just can't choose what color though. :( What would you get ... brown (in 2 different shades), black or grey??

karen★ said...

I love the fact that the 1st 3 are something that I could wear around the house & that those boots could make it to the park....& that #4 would be perfect for when there are NO children around which equals date nights!

MUvement said...

Oooh I can't decide what I looove but I think I would like to wear the last image for my weekend.

XO, Mrs U.


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