Friday, September 24, 2010

my outfit: casual friday!

So this week has been, ummmm, how do I say it... "interesting?" No, that would be giving it too much credit. "Challenging?" Well, maybe, but not quite. "Forgetable?" Sure, but that barely scratches the surface. "Un-bearable?" I wouldn't go THAT far, but you are getting the picture. "Character-Building?" Perhaps, but I don't want character if this is the cost. "Silly?" Actually, yes, I am going to go with "silly."

Silly is about right, because my husband is not fighting for our country while his brilliant wife holds down the fort and looks damn good doing it, I am not living with Karen's zest for life while also battling a terrible disease, and I sure as heck didn't narrowly escape a bear attack. My challenges are quite silly at times, but they still bring this gal to her knees. Whew. I'm looking forward to Monday, just for the fresh start at this point!

When I told you last week that every gal needed a slightly refined yet super deluxe comfy top in her arsenal. I meant it. I snagged this at Forever 21 and have pretty much worn it, hmmm, I'll just say "a lot" over the past week. I think I already got my $17 or so out of it.

I will tell you... it's perfect for cold and wet soccer games, naps, visits to the apple orchard, before bed, after bed, making dinner, after dinner, after church, watching tv, running to the grocery store or making an apple pie. Any and all of those scenarios and more. Promise.

And while it's slouchy and meant to be oversized - I still feel fairly chic and not sloppy in it. Also, I had to do a little close up on these jeans. Me and these jeans get along. We really, really do. Also I need a manicure - eep! I hope where ever you are you can enjoy a little casual friday too!

Top, Forever 21
Jeans, Gap
Clogs, UGG


Nicole said...

Love the comfy look!

I notice you have a lot of clothing and accessories from F21. Do you usually buy from the store or online?

I can never seem to find anything I like while browsing the store, plus I am super-afraid of the no-return policy. I always manage to find things online, but then am not sure how they would fit. How do you do it?

Jill GG (good life for less) said...


Most items I buy in store (once I did buy online b/c they were out of my size in the store)... you really have to try EVERYTHING on and really search the racks and make sure you love it before you buy. You are right, the return policy is terrible, but if you know that going in it helps. I NEVER buy something there to see if it will "work" at home. Which I sometimes (not very often) do at other stores.

jen v said...

I am completely with you on the crazy week. Even though there is still more craziness to come this weekend, I'm already focused on the "fresh start" next week! I too went for a casual friday look. Just that kind of week!

karen★ said...

Happy Friday to you & Happy What I Hope is the End (or at least a pause) From the Craziness!

I absolutely love this....(I really need to find some new adjectives to `describe your outfits. Be ready next week with your thesaurus!) The top just makes me think about cold autumn days & snuggling in a big blanket. The jeans are my favorites of yours. Really, if I ever came to visit you I would steal them. Really.

AND thank you! You just made my little heart get all warm & happy & I love kind hearted surprises like that. Challenges are never silly Jill; & if you are struggling then you have just as much right as the rest of us to say, "dang-it! i am doing an amazing job too!" Because, you are!

p.s. you have a beautiful profile friend!

anna said...

sorry about your silly week! but you look darn cute all while putting out personal fires! love this blog more every day. thanks for being here every day!!

Caitlin said...

love the sweatshirt!!! (and f21)


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