Thursday, September 23, 2010

my outfit: think cool!

The other day while we were having a heat wave and I had to turn the A/C on for the first time in weeks (I know, I know... it's nothing compared to what you Southerners deal with!) I decided to play a little dress up with winter gear. In Tuesday's Shopping Guide for coats I featured a white wool coat that many of you loved. I loved it too and then remembered that's because TULLE sent one to me this summer that I have yet to wear!

With the A/C cranked and the oppressive humidity outdoors... I decided to play winter dress up indoors! By the way... if you haven't purchased a winter coat yet - check out TULLE's selection. They have so many fun ones and I just love the quality and styling of TULLE, can't go wrong!

My daughter has a pair of little girl leggings that are really long... they almost wrap around her ankles with flats on. It gave me the idea that I wanted something similar for winter to wear with flats and my clogs because I hate wearing socks. So when I saw these leg warmers from TULLE I knew they would be perfect! They are actually thigh high (!!!) but I slouched them down. I just LOVE this look!

And then for when the temps drop... this gorgeous coat, also from TULLE. I love the length... perfect for keeping my stylish and warm. Can't beat that! Besides beautiful coats though, there is not much I am looking forward to about winter - ha!

Coat, Top, Leggings courtesy of TULLE
Skinny Jeans, Forever 21
Clogs, UGG


Monica said...

That coat is so beautiful. I wonder if it's hard to keep clean. Such a serene color for winter!

The leg warmers look cute on you. I remember doing the leg warmers over boots back in high school. I'm dating myself with this comment (graduated in '82). I hope I'm not the only over-40 gal who likes your blog. Anyway, I read somewhere that if you did the trend once, you're too old to do it again. Either way, the look is fresh and new on you since you're a youngin' !

BTW, I picked up some cute mary-jane style clogs, so I am getting on board with that revival.

I'm getting lots of inspiration from your blog. Keep up the great work!

The Valladolid's said...

Not liking this look at all. The coat is cute, but the leg warmers look ridiculous.

Mrs. Wilson said...

I LOVE the coat! Too bad I live in the South; I wouldn't get much use out of it! Thanks for sharing.

karen★ said...

I have a gajillion pairs of leg warmers left over from my dancing days, & now I know what to do with them again! (I know some people with immune disorders have issues with their joints in the cold & I know that this idea will work perfectly for me for exactly that reason!) I think they look absolutely amazing & it's about freakin' time they were back!, may we please talk about the coat? Absolutely beautiful. I love white in the winter & I think that since we both have the same dark hair, & because it sets yours off so well, I really really need it. Tomorrow. I'm going to go look on-line for it now.

Dobbygirl said...

I just love that top and the coat is fab!

queenofantness said...

I like the leg warmers! Of course I loved it when I was in 6th grade too! What do you think of a similar look with shorts or a short skirt? I live in AZ and don't have many opportunities to wear anything super warm.

@monica - I was always told that you should revisit any trend that was popular when you were in high school. The way fashion recycles, you'd never be able to get dressed if you couldn't revisit a trend! Maybe Jill knows some guidelines for that sort of thing and could help us out (I'm almost 40)?

queenofantness said...

Oops! I meant you should NOT revisit a trend that was popular when you were in high school.

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

@ queenof... yes I think you could definitely wear the legwarmers with a skirt or shorts - very cute!


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