Monday, August 9, 2010

my outfit: 26/30!

30 for 30 Banner

For a long time there was a pizza-shaped hole in my heart... being from Chicago there were always great pizza places around the corner to meet with friends and family on the week nights, weekends or Sunday after church. I loved their checkered print vinyl table cloths and red plastic drinking cups. And of course thin crust, deep dish and everywhere in between was always within reach... and the sauce... oh, the sauce!

We have finally found a local pizza place that we love... it's not Chicago pizza. But it's good!!! Usually when I can't put together a decent meal with what we have in the house, we head on over to our favorite pizza place. It's loud enough where our kids don't create a scene and everyone in the family can find something they love on the menu.

Here is my pizza party outfit. We had had a day of fun in the sun and I just pulled on a fresh outfit, pulled back my hair and voila!

Do you have a stand-by for dinners out?

Scarf, Thrifted (similar)
Top/Dress, American Apparel (I got mine on GILT!)
Belt, Local Boutique (similar)
Jeans, F21 (similar - love these!)
Wedges, Target (similar)


彤彤 said...
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kristen said...

I love this outfit! What part of the country do you live in now?

I keep hearing about Gilt and I think that I need to find out more. :)

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Kristen, I live in West Michigan!

You just MUST check out GILT, so many good deals... follow the link in the post for your "invite"!

anna said...

i love your pizza place outfit! it's simple and chic! your outfits always inspire me and i simply adore teh scarf tied up like a bandana but somehow it is sort of like a necklace. so cute!!

Ephemeral Evidence said...

Ok you have to tell me the Pizza place :)

Jenny said...

I wanted to say hi and that I am a new fan of your blog! You're style is awesome...simple and sophisticated! I'll be keeping up with your posts!

thirtynothing said...

Adore this outfit! Every time I see this belt I tell myself I need to go out and get one. I think this weekend I'm finally going to!

karen★ said...

this one might just take the cake for's a tie with that orange dress...and i love it. you look really great & it just looks so classy & pretty & fresh. (are you sensing the theme that i love fresh?!)


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