Sunday, August 8, 2010

my outfit : 25/30!

30 for 30 Banner

By the time you read this I am officially on vacation! Yay! Do not fear though... I have posts lined up for you this week and the final 30/30 outfits as well! I'm tricky like that... but I may be a little late responding to emails, etc. I am REALLY going to try to unplug from the blog. I haven't done it in waaaaay too long.

It's safe to say at this point that the blog is my life and my life is the blog. There is no differentiating them. And not in a bad way either. I read an interview of my brother recently (I linked to it on Twitter if you are interested in reading it too) and he said how there is little distinction between his work and his life. I feel the same way... I think that means I know what I am passionate about. They blur together in the best possible way.

Regardless of all that though... it never hurts to unplug. We'll be spending the next week with family on the shores of Lake Michigan. Ahhhhh....

ps, still in love with this dress. for reals.
pps, you have to check out this etsy seller's necklaces (the one I am wearing)... it's marbles wrapped in silk. and GORGEOUS!

Dress, Courtesy of TULLE
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target (similar)
Necklace, oKateBobateo
Bangle, F21 (similar)


Brit said...

I just ADORE this outfit! It's hands down one of my favorites from the challenge so far. I drool over those wedges every time they show up in a post. I missed out on them at Target. I looked on eBay and people were selling them for like $70. They look so chic with the skinny jeans and tunic!

jill said...

hope you have/had a great vacation! i just returned from one week completely unplugged (not necessarily by choice, but totally enjoyed!).

normally i would not go back to read up on what i missed on my blogs while i was gone - but i did for yours :). worth it!

happy summer and keep up the great work and inspiration. i appreciate what you do!

Linda Rose said...

Love that necklace! Is it bad if I go get one? :)

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Linda - you should! She has so many cool options and I think you can twist it double for a bracelet!

karen★ said...

this is the one i love love love! that dress is gorgeous (you are a lucky girl to have them provide something so completely amazing.) and the whole outfit with the wedges and skinny jeans just looks awesome.


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