Monday, May 3, 2010

reader style: Ambar!

Reader Ambar sent me this adorable picture of herself recently! Her shoes are those that I featured in the Spring looks:book - love them! Ambar is a mother of FOUR children (three girls and four boys... ***originally I had said four boys, but I was wrong, sorry Ambar!), her husband works overseas in Afghanistan and she has lost 40 pounds in the last year!! Basically, she is SUPERWOMAN! No?

Her top is JCrew, jeans are American Eagle, bracelet is Charlotte Russe and sunglasses are Coach. Thanks Ambar! Keep rockin' it!


Got a picture of yourself inspired by something you have seen here on the blog? Send it to me and I may feature it in a Reader Style post! goodlifeforless @


Ane said...

Ambar, you look fabulous! Congrats!

sealaura said...

love the look especially the top! congrats to amber.

karen said...

oh my goodness! anyone with four boys is DEFINITELY superwoman, but a woman with four boys AND a husband who works overseas has to DEFINITELY be the queen of superwomen. (I know for a fact that I couldn't do it!)

SHE LOOKS AMAZING and congratulations on the 40 pounds! such a wonderful accomplishment!

Ashley said...

Ambar, you look fantastic!! That top is beautiful on you!

thirtynothing said...

Congratulations, Ambar! And love the top! I lusted after it for quite a while but when it went on sale it went quickly. Never fear, I ended up getting a similar style they released shortly thereafter! :)

Ambar said...

Awww thanks ladies, you are all too kind!! Jill has me thinking stylish <3


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