Tuesday, May 4, 2010

personal style, defined: what's your combo?

Personal Style, Defined is a series (in case you're new to these parts) where Jackie, of SweetiePiePumpkinNoodle, and I define different personal styles each week. I explore the wardrobe portion of style and Jackie covers interiors.

Over the past couple of months we have explored many styles (get a re-cap here!) and have realized that usually one person isn't just one style... but maybe more of a mix and match combination of several.

Today we are being completely indulgent and are filling you in on what our OWN Personal Styles, Defined are. So read on to see what my combo is and then head over to Jackie's blog to see what her's looks like!

While it's hard to choose just a couple of styles, I think I have narrowed my own style down to: Casual, glamorous, modern. Let's take a look:

(Details: 1. Metallic Bon Shopper, Kate Spade, $225 2. Embellished Bib Necklace, Arden B, $29 3. Easy Straight Destructed Jeans, Gap, $39.99 4. Sequined Starland Tank, JCrew, $138 5. Skinny Glitter Belt, Forever 21, $2.50 6. Leather Ballet Flat, Gap, $39.50 7. Knot Back Top, Forever 21, $10.90)

Now let's take a look at some outfits...  these are both so "me" - hard to choose a favorite!

I super-want this necklace... and how simple and cute is this t-shirt? Very mom friendly!

And for a little more dressy look... I am loving daytime sequins this season! This outfit would be great for church or a Mother's Day Brunch (hint, hint!).

So this is my glamorous + casual + modern style... what combo are you?  Check out past styles here and then dish! Don't forget to check out Jackie's style combo!

psst... just so you know... Jackie and I are taking a break from Personal Style, Defined posts after today.  But don't be bummed... we are thinking of bringing them back in the future again.  Until then, we are going to brainstorm on a super rad summer series for you all!


Jackie said...

Those looks are so "you"! It's been fun girl-can't wait for our next feature!

Elle Sees said...

I need that necklace. I love a funky, chunky necklace.

Heather said...

Great style! I'd have to say mine is Casual/Bohemian/Romantic. Sorry to see the series end, but I can't wait for the summer surprise! I have a terrible time dressing for summer - which is 8 months long in Alabama...


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