Friday, May 7, 2010

my outfit: grey ruffles!

That JCrew, went and did it again. Another absolutely lovely top. (I think I snagged it for $14.99 even!) The thought did cross my mind when I recently ordered from JCrew... well, maybe the tops will absolutely suck - that way when the catalog arrives in my mailbox next I won't be so drawn in. Unfortunately (well, fortunately, really) that was not the case.

Their embellished tops are unparalleled. Period.

They are ideal for moms; easy to wear, gorgeous and comfortable.

I wore this top from they gym (after showering of course!), to the carpool, to the kitchen all day making meals for some gal pals that just had babies, to delivering meals, to visiting with my amazing friend Julianne that I never get to see enough and her gorgeous baby, to pushing my daughter on the swing for hours and back home (I evened witnessed a nasty car crash.... is that the most unnerving feeling, or what?). Pretty much here there and every where. Whew!

And yes, for the record... these shoes make me feel AMAZING! I could wear them every single day. It's hard to believe there was a day when I got to wear heels everyday. My dear friend Julianne got to witness those days. So of course I knew she would appreciate these heels when I wore them to deliver her meal. She was my partner in shoe-crime. Very dangerous indeed were we! (Lunch trips to Nordstrom (c)Rack!)

ps. today is my mom's birthday - I think she is like 45 again! (wink, wink) - Happy Birthday Mom!
pps. have a great Mother's Day weekend to all the moms!


Top, JCrew
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Belt, Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes, Cynthia Vincent for Target
Wrap Bracelet, Forever 21


laurie said...

yep! i'm def something like, 45 again...thnx!
p.s. to you daughter. u rock those shoes btw!

Jackie said...

Love this outfit Jill-you look hot girl! And you rock those shoes, so happy you were able to find them. I wasn't so lucky :( But I did get the ethnic patterned wedges. So you're the CV brown glad wedges to my CV ethnic printed wedges! Ha!

karen★ said...

Love it. Those ruffles are so so pretty. And, the shoes? I know how you feel about heels & all about lunch hours spent at Nordstrom Rack...aaahhhh...days without little people. I wouldn't trade them for anything, but I do love days with a super hot pair of heels.

karen★ said...

p.s. happy birthday to your mom & happy mother's day to you too!

milk tea + polkadots said...

cute top! $14.99 from jcrew?? what a STEAL!'s sold out. :(

Kate said...

I just found you through What I Wore and I adore this outfit! So cute & casual, I just love it - gorgeous top, the jeans fit you perfectly & the shoes are killer!

Emma Clark said...

Great outfit. Found your blog through Jessica's posting. Will be following from now on.

Tanvi said...

Found your blog through Jessica's posting as well! :) You were right next my picture so cldnt miss it :) ... You look fabulous by the way!!!


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