Friday, May 7, 2010

casa good life...

I've had this post in the queue for weeks and keep slacking on pressing publish... but finally, here it is! Don't really know what took me so long!

You all have seen my recent kitchen upgrade... right!?!?! One thing you may say when you see the open shelving is - where's the beef? (well, not the beef really... we are pretty much meat free around here so really no BEEF per se, but you know... where's the stuff, right!?!?)

In preparation for taking the upper cabinets down, we brought up an old bakers rack that was gathering dust and junk in our basement. At first I thought it would be temporary... but then we really liked it.

We have finally found a spot in our kitchen for our microwave (it was, ahem, living in our garage - eek, I know what you must think of me!) and the kids can access the dishes which is fun for them when setting the table or grabbing a snack.

The "indulge" sign was thrift store for a few dollars.

The tray rounds up the canisters nicely... and who doesn't love a bright red tray?

My dishes aren't anything fancy... simple black and white dishes double as decor and dishes. I like to find beauty in the every day items we use.

Then I snagged the pinwheel from my kids to add a pop of color and fun. For the longest time they never realized it was there!

The joy of having an open style kitchen is to find the beauty and style in everyday objects. Want to get this look for yourself... here are some similar items:


Elena said...

Omg, I totally have that same indulge sign in my guest bath! Got it at a furniture warehouse closeout sale. Super cute.

Elle Sees said...

Love the pops of red. I thought the pinwheel was a flower at first. Ha! I think the open shelving is a cool idea for little ones to help with setting the table, like you mentioned.

Rachel Mesquita said...

is that a starbucks mug collection on the top shelf? if so i also have a collection that i LOVE from place i've travelled to

J├╝rgen said...

The chrome lettering is very beautiful on the wall, I like it thank you regards

karen★ said...

So cute. I love the sign & the fact that you used one of your children's "toys" as part of the design. We are the same exact way with open shelving for the boys so that they can set the table with no help from us.
and the microwave in the garage? i'm so happy that you brought it in, but we broke ours a couple of months ago, & haven't cared enough to go get another one yet. i still only think good things of's going to take much worse than that!

Dobbygirl said...

Looks great! I have simple, unfussy dishes too!

Peabody said...

I love that Indulge sign, so cute!


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