Thursday, May 6, 2010


Because it's just too much fun to virtual shop... here's some more picks that would make any hip mama happy for Mother's Day this weekend (even if ya' gotta snatch it up for yourself)! And just for you... they're all under $50! Boo-yeah!

I die for this jacket... then I wake up and die again. Srsly.

Hooded Anorak, Old Navy, $36.50

If you all are playing along at home you will notice I have featured this clutch quite a few times in outfits in several colors. At $36 bones... it's just deeee-lightful!

Fold Over Clutch, TopShop, $36

Day-time sequins... I rest my case.

Bordurette Tank, Anthropologie, $49.95

Ne'er met a wrap bracelet I didn't love. Not these days at least!

Wonder if this bun comes with it... if so, I'll take two!

Two-tone Fringe Scarf, Rachel Roy, $28

Finis. Go forth and get spoiled this weekend ladies!


Natalie said...

I am loving that top!! The scarf is really cute too! :) Thanks for the ideas! :)

Maria said...

Im with you on those wrap bracelets, ill take all the colors, so pretty!

宛蓉 said...
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Dobbygirl said...

Loving the anorak!!!


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