Saturday, May 8, 2010

scrumptious saturday...

I just love Saturdays... don't you? It's fun to pop in here on a Saturday unexpected and give y'all a little sumthin. I won't go promising Saturday posts from here on out. I'll just surprise you!

I had to quick post this amazing dress though from Urban Outfitters... It's the Ecote Silk Strapless Dress. It's comes in four delicious colors for only $58. The only tough part would be choosing which color.

The grey is my first instinct... but the blue is juuuuust right. Then again the berry is adorable. Hmmm, and black is so easy to style. It's nearly impossible.

Any of these would be perfect for a summer wedding, baby shower, or even paired with some skinny jeans and some boots (maybe even cowboy boots... dang, that would be cute!) or leggings and a little jacket. The options are endless ladies!

I'm not one to "call eating disorder" per se, but really... would somebody get grey dress girl a hamburg please. So any way, what color do you like?


Brittany M. said...

I really like the berry one! The blue is also nice. I'm always a fan of color. :)

Nicole said...

Cute! I am dying for some cowboy boots. We are in Georgia this weekend and I saw a sign for a boot warehouse...I almost did a u-turn on the interstate to get to them! Aah...oneday :)

Kate said...

ooh, I love these dresses! I was initially drawn to the gray as well, but also really love the berry! perfect summer dress!!


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