Thursday, March 25, 2010

my outfit: tomato top!

The color of this top is "tomato"... if you can't love that, I don't know what you can love. Also, it's on sale for $15 and it's SUPER soft! Double score!

But onto the outfit... I bought these pants (and this shirt actually) this past weekend. I am MOSTLY a jeans girl... which you probably know. But my husband was ready to put an end to that and suggested these while shopping (yes ladies - he shops with me! What a guy, huh!??!) and I never would have picked them up, but honestly I've worn them three days straight and they keep getting better. (Yes, I wear things multiple days... don't you!?!?) They keep getting more comfy each day and I figure if they don't have mac n' cheese or snot ground into them yet, I've got a good thing going.

This outfit also had to get me through a super long day of errands, an eye doctor appt for me (so I had to look "grown up") and reading to my son's class (not too "grown up").

Also, I would highly recommend dragging your husband shopping with you (if he's game...) because he had a unique point of view on some things that I really appreciated.

Pop quiz!!! This outfit has TWO elements from my top ten MUST haves for spring... can you name them?

Top, Gap
Belt, Gap (similar)
Pants, Old Navy
Jean Jacket, Gap (similar)
Shoes, Nine West (similar)


paula said...

Love red. I am on the hunt for the perfect red dress this summer.

karen said...

I am so incredibly horrible with quizzes....TOO MUCH PRESSURE! um...#1 - metallics (shoes) #2 - army inspired (pants)? Am I even close?

Your husband has great taste & you are lucky to have him tag along with you! I love the shirt so so much. That is such a great color! And the pants...perfect!

And...YES! I absolutely wear things multiple days. If I didn't there would be so much more laundry than I already have to deal with. cute is that that you read to your son's class? love it!

And....just kidding! That is just about the longest comment ever!!

Ashley said...

Cute. And I can only imagine what it is like to have a husband with an opinion. Our shopping conversations usually consist of a circle of "Do you like this?" "I dunno."


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