Wednesday, March 24, 2010

good look for less: EXPRESS, Tara!

good life for less reader, Tara, is headed to Vegas soon. She's wondering what to wear while she's there... here's her note to me:

Hi Jill!
I was wondering if you have any ideas on what to wear for Vegas in April. I know you just went when your husband had a conference and I am doing the exact same thing. Husby will be in meetings all day so I'll probably just be hanging out by the pool and doing a little shopping. I wanted to see what you recommend taking? Thanks so much!

Tara is right, I went last November with my husband for a convention... while he was slaving (yeah, right!) away on the convention floor... I was soaking up the sun and doing some shopping!

In my opinion there are three types of outfits you need for Vegas... let's check them out:

First things first... you're gonna need a rockin' outfit for the pool. "Outfit" you say? Most hotels in Vegas are so big that to actually get to the pool from your room, you are going to need (more likely) want to wear more than the hotel robe or towel and your suit. We usually stay at the Luxor and you have to practically walk through the casino to get to the pool. While Vegas is an "anything goes" kinda town... don't be that gal. In this case a generous bathing suit "cover up" should be perfect... and don't forget a great book!

Next up you are going to need at least one AHHHHHMAZING outfit... chances are you will have a night out. Even if you're not "clubbing" (something I don't really partake of myself) - a night of fine dining is definitely called for. Have a nice looking, but not over the top, outfit at the ready!

Lastly, your going to need some casual but chic clothes for shopping. Vegas is in the middle of the desert, but they don't skimp on air conditioning. Having an outfit that is comfortable and includes layers with a bit of fun will be in order for shopping until you drop!

Have a blast in Vegas Tara! Traveling this spring? Here's some outfits for spring in Paris... I also recently finished some outfits for a trip to Spain that I'll post soon. Need wardrobe planning for your upcoming trip? Hire ME!

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spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I love that silver bag -- great find!


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