Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm falling...

Here's a trend I have noticed this spring that I have to admit, I am falling for. Low priced jelly shoes from high priced brands. Let's discuss...

Kate Spade, $60

What they may lack in comfort (although... I can't say for sure, I just predict a few blisters, maybe like a new pair of flip flops?) the arguably make up for in looks and bold colors.

Diane Von Furstenberg, $75

This pair from DVF are calling my name from the mountain tops and I think I am about to cave (also, *spoiler alert* this pair was included in my Spring 2010 looks:book!)

Tory Burch, $145

I've never met a shoe by Tory Burch that I didn't love.

Tory Burch, $95

Case in point.

Marc Jacobs, $80 (from $160)

This is me getting Marc Jacob's Mouse flats within reach. Whether you "jelly" or not... it's tempting, no?

JCrew, $55

This is JCrew talking me into a "flat" version of wellies. My knees are quivering. I think it's working.

See by Chloe, $75

See by Chloe has me believing. In what, I'm not sure. Must be a crush.

So are you falling for these "designer" jellies?


Stacy said...

Last summer, I was gifted a pair of black J.Crew flats w/ little gem stones at the toe. I. Love. Them. And no blisters! They are so fun and comfy too. Buy a pair!

Magchunk said...

One of my best birthday gifts ever was a pair of GAP jellie sandals in fourth grade (totally worth the anxiety of inviting the new girl to my party!).

Even so, I have the wimpiest feet ever and am imagining all kinds of blisters from these. I like some of them (aka Marc Jacobs) but that may be a deterrent for me!

seph said...

all of those are totally fab. but i live in texas. where it tops 100 over and over in the summer. and the only thing i can think about wearing plastic shoes is...sweat. i am dying to have the gold ones from j.crew, but i don't think i could deal with the foot sweat! gross, i know. sorry. anyone where jellies successfully in the super hot south?

sealaura said...

they look pretty, but I have to say I am out. looks like possible sweat and blister problems, but i do love the colors and thought behind them.

seph said...

"wear" not "where" -- sorry. terrible typo.

karen said...

I am so completely not a fan of jellies. I remember them from elementary school...& sweaty feet. (eeeeeewwwwww). However, I LOVE the See by Chloe version. I can definitely see those on my must have list for this spring!

Ane said...

Jill, have you ever heard of Melissa shoes? Take a look at www.lojamelissa.com.br/todos-produtos. I wear a pair of Campana ballerina shoes for ages and no blisters!


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