Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my outfit: (sub)urban safari!

One thing that I love about the warming temps is the ability to wear a jacket instead of a coat. See, a jacket can be part of your outfit... a functioning component of the "look" you are trying to pull off. A big down puffer coat that goes to your knees... not so much! So out with the puffer (thank goodness!) and in with the stylish jackets. This one is an oldy-but-goody from Gap. Long before the days I had kids - oh those glorious, fabulous days! But it just goes to show... investing in classic pieces like a simple khaki jacket can pay dividends for years to come (wow, look at me and the financial analogies!).

The other great thing about jackets is that it's hard to "grow out" of them... case in point I wore some type of jacket almost daily while pregnant with my daughter (and working in a male dominant field) - unbuttoned of course. I was able to hide the looming belly until the sweltering heat of the summer made me give in finally. Oh, and when a fellow male co-worked asked another fellow male co-worker if he "thought Jill had put on some weight recently". Ahem, yeah! Like seven months of pregnancy, baby! I figured the cat was pretty much out of the bag by then. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to "hide" it... just perhaps feel a little more confident on a construction site.

This "safari" jacket almost resembles the military look that is all the rage these days and happens to be super versatile so it's been getting a lot of action lately. This was the first time I belted it and I really liked the outcome.

How about you... do you depend on jackets for seasonal (or otherwise) transitions?

Jacket, Gap (similar)
Belt, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Nine West (similar)
Bangles, ? (similar)


Daily Sip Studios said...

I love the belt with the jacket. I am also really excited to get rid of the "puffy" jacket and move to warmer weather gear. I hope to break out my classic trench soon and some other spring items!

sara said...

I love wearing jackets but I don't get much wear out of them past May. It gets so hot in Texas that you really can't wear that type of clothing in the summer.

Elena said...

When it gets cool around here I've been loving my Alexander Wang for Gap khaki moto jacket. Just enough coverage and it's super stylish. Gives my preppy self a little edge.

paula said...

I used to be all about the blazer, but after wearing them so much while pregnant I kind of backed off. I do have a velvet one from J.Crew that I love. you look cute though.

karen said...

Love the look! I love to pair jackets with things as long as I can. It just looks so much more put together, but I don't own a safari type yet. New purchase this week, maybe?

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

I have a very similar jacket and its gotten big on me lately (either it stretched or I lost some upper body weight... More like, it stretched) so I've been thinking about buying a belt to tighten it up. AND I LOVE YOURS. Wow - I wish that was still on sale, I would break my clothing budget for this month in a nanosecond just to have your belt :)

sealaura said...

love your jacket desperately digging in my closet for my safari jacket. i LOVE jackets, they are so crucial to any look plus I get so cold all the time. I love all your pics, you always look so stylish. BTW i just purchased GAP straight jeans in a destroyed wash and I love them, plus I got the 30% off from turning in some old ones yay!

Dobbygirl said...



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