Monday, March 8, 2010

good look for less: EXPRESS, Anelisa!

Today's good LOOK for less EXPRESS is for Anelisa. She lives in Brazil and is traveling to Paris later this month! I checked the weather for Paris in March and temps are usually in about the 40 and 50s. Layers will definitely be key and simple chic accessories like shoes and scarves will be necessary for a Euro look.

Let's take a look at the outfits...

I absolutely love this first look, perfect for shopping and taking in all the action at a cafe.
Topshop at ShopStyle

If rain threatens all the fun... grab an umbrella and head to the museums in this comfy chic outfit.
Topshop at ShopStyle

Perfect for perusing the flea markets or stopping at a park with the kids... this outfit is Parisien-chic while still be comfortable enough for a day of walking.
Topshop at ShopStyle

Have an amazing trip Anelisa!


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Maria said...

These are such perfect European looks! In London, everyone was sporting leggings and boots, especially because it was so cold still! And flat boots are so perfect for touring to avoid sore feet, great looks!

Ane said...

Jill, thank you so much! Although I am not a fan of leggings, the look is so cute that I will try them on. I definitely think that flats are the right choice for any kind of trip. Is there anything from Paris that I can bring for you?
Merci beaucoup, Madam! Au revoir!


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