Monday, March 8, 2010

my outfit: yellow scarf!

Sometimes all you need is a yellow scarf. Really.

The sun has FINALLY been shining here in Michigan. According to the local meteorologists, it's the most sun we've had since September. No wonder we have been a bunch of grumps until recently.

I don't think I ever left the house in this outfit (I have days that I don't... :( ) - but my yellow scarf and bright toe nail polish were keeping my spirits bright!

How are you keeping your spirits bright on these FINAL winter days?

Yellow Scarf, F21 (similar)
Cardigan, Target (similar)
Tank, Old Navy
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Toe Nail Polish, Hot & Spicy OPI


charlotteannette said...

I have a yellow scarf almost like that--thanks for the outfit idea! I will probably wear it to work with darker wash trouser jeans to polish it up a bit!

Katie said...

I just broke out the sandals yesterday- YAY for spring!

sealaura said...

definitely with pops of yellow and orange. love your scarf and I think am due for mani and a pedi.

Boy Crazy said...

I love your hopeful bare feet. :) I've been living in my kneehigh Smartwools all winter long. (Have them on at the moment, in fact.)

But I did break out the bright green lighter wool trench in lieu of the big black hooded wool coat today. Whoop!

Just One Week said...

Love the yellow scarf! I'm enjoying my last few days of getting to wear my beloved knee high riding boots. I'm sad to have to put them away - even though it means I get to wear my open-toed shoes.

the southern hostess said...

That scarf is gorgeous!

karen said...

Oooohhhhh! I just bought myself a yellow scarf on Saturday, so I might have to copy this exact outfit! (is that creepy that you have tiny little Jill's walking around all over America?)

*thanks so much for the comments last week. you completely made my day on Saturday!*


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