Wednesday, December 16, 2009

shopping guide: {boys to men}

Why is it that the guys in our life are the hardest to buy for? Here's some gift ideas for the boys or men, or both, in your life this holiday season!

I've mentioned before that my brother just raves about MALIN + GOETZ products. If you have a guy that's into skincare... this starter kit would be perfect to discover his new favorite product! (Bloomingdales, $30)

It's no "man bag" but it is the perfect bag for your man! Great for men from college and up to serve as a laptop bag or a quick overnight bag. (Fossil, $78)

Every guy needs socks (don't let your man walk around with his toes poking out!)... why not some super snazzy ones? (Nordstrom $21, 3-pack)

My husband LOVES these wallets from JCrew... he's blown through one already. They really ARE magic? How? Try one! (JCrew, $24.50)

Watches are a great investment piece that men can collect like women collect handbags. Upgrade his watch wardrobe with this snazzy orange one. Perfect for casual weekend and summer nights (whenever those return!). (Kenneth Cole, $95)

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christi said...

i love your shopping guides! my husband LOVES zirh and they have amazing customer service plus they send free travel size stuff with every shipment. i love the smell!! =)


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