Thursday, December 17, 2009

my outfit: prep it up!

Dressing preppy is always a bit of fun... on the days I am not wearing all black, that is! (ha!) And JCrew has made it especially popular again this year. I've always loved a little prep in my outfit, but nothing too overboard. Today was a perfect day for lots of layers as it's super cold out and even the house feels cooler than usual. Here I went for a bit of the edgy-preppy look. I'm likin' it.

Grocery Store, Blogging
Blazer, Gap (similar)
Sweater, Limited (similar)
T-Shirt, Gap (similar)
Necklace, Banana Republic (similar)
Jeans, 7 for All Mankind (similar)
Pumps, Nine West (similar)

Truth be told, I did not wear these pumps to the grocery store because it's super cold today. BUT, if I were to interact with adults on a regular basis, I would have. Instead I just slipped on some UGGS. But for the picture, I couldn't resist. On second thought, my gold flats would have worked great too.


Sara Lang said...

Love it! I tend to dress a bit more on the prep side, and that's definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing.

Morgan said...

Totally adorable! I love the entire look... and your tininess just made me want to throw away this candy on my desk that I've been eating all morning. lol.

Magchunk said...

Very cute! Love the blazer topping it all off.

And I totally agree on switching out to more practical footwear, especially if there is snow on the ground!

jen v said...

Love how you wore the jacket. I bought a jacket (based on your top 10 list) but had yet to find a way to wear it, unless i was dressed more formally to teach. I am off to play in my closet with this type of outfit-thanks!

PS~Erin said...

Love it. And thanks for the secret shoe switch out divusion!


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