Monday, December 14, 2009

good LOOK for less: Katie, actress & vocal-coach!

Recently I had the super fun opportunity of giving Katie a wardrobe consultation! She and her sister are fans of the blog and her sister bought her the Overhaul Package as a birthday gift. What a gal, huh? Here's a bit about Katie:

I have four children (8,6,5,1) and not much time to shop for myself. I love beautiful clothing and looking pulled together but it's just been a long time since I've been able to spend the time focusing on any of that. When time is short, I often reach for what is most comfortable in my closet. And it's usually quite unattractive. It's a terrible habit. So I recently got rid of more than HALF of the contents of my closet just so that I won't be tempted to reach in and pull out something that I *know* makes me look wretched. I need a wardrobe that's a sophisticated casual. I'm an actress and acting/vocal coach as well as a mom. I love the smokey greys and browns and jewel colors of the season. Blue is my favorite color. I'm loving all the gold/silver metallics I'm seeing pop up with Christmas around the corner. I want to look like a sexy 36 year old woman who's stylish and comfortable, not a teenager and not a frump.

I absolutely LOVED Katie's little note (there was more, but that's just between her and I!) because, reality check, aren't A LOT of us in this same boat! Dressing in your 30's and into 40's is tricky, because most stores are targeted at the SUPER young (F21, American Eagle, Old Navy, etc) or a more conservative set (JCrew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc) - and it takes some work and editing to find the BEST of BOTH fashion worlds and achieve a youthful yet conservative look. No?

Not to get on my soapbox here, but that is really the look I try to achieve for myself as well as others. A cross between trendy & conservative and high-end & low-end (as it is appropriate). To say the least it takes lots of mixing and matching!

Enough of that... let's dig in here. Here's a peak at Katie's shopping list. She had a budget of $1,000 that she was intending to spend over a couple months to grow her wardrobe. With that budget I was able to compile 27 new wardrobe pieces and 15 new outfits! (click photo below for full shopping list details)

Here's a peak at a few of the outfits:

Katie mentioned she liked neutrals like grey and metallics. This season, those are two perfect groups to pair together. With a simple jacket and accessories this is an easy outfit to pull on in the morning and looks great!
Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

Neutrals are anything but boring when well accessorized! I absolutely adore the deep purple top and a similar shade in the shoes with the classic wool jacket. Perfect for this time of year!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

For a dressier look, a simple and flowy dress with a nice belted center is flattering and easy to throw on for any occasion!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Katie!


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paula said...

love the looks. perfect for a chic momma.

Donna said...

Love all cute!!!


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