Monday, December 14, 2009

shopping guide: {gal pals}

Who is more fun to buy for that your gal pals? Whether it's a friend you've been exchanging gifts with since third grade or a gift exchange with a group of girls. Here are some fun ideas for those "supporting" ladies in your life!

Flapperdoodle is all over the internet these days... and for good reason! They are adorable little sketches and there are so many to choose from that you are bound to find one that signifies an important emotion or event in your life! Browse them all to find the perfect sketch for your bestie! (Etsy, 8 x 10 print, $10)

Are you a bag lady? Do you have a friend that is? You know, the gal that always has an entourage of supplies and "stuff". I totally am! I love to have all my STUFF with me. This is a perfect bag for that and it has a drawstring enclosure on top! It would make a great knitting or sewing bag for the crafty lady too! (Coquese, $69) [As a sponsor of my blog, Coquese is offering great discounts to good life for less readers... check out the details here for up to 30% off your order!)]

"Low Tops Pink on Aqua Blue" Print
For the fun and funky gal of the group! I love this fun print... it would add pizazz to any ladies dressing area or bedroom! (Etsy, John W Golden, $20) [ps, this seller is having a great BOGO sale right now!]

I am going absolutely NUTS for these bags! I really am ONLY using reusable bags lately... you would be hard pressed to find a plastic bag in this house. These are way more stylish than the blue Meijer bags I tote all over AND, bonus, they are machine washable. I'll take about 10 in gold, thankyouverymuch. (Abitare Shop, $20)

If you want bang for your buck, go with a great brand on a small scale. This cosmetic bag is a great example. I did KS cosmetic bags for the ladies in my life a few years ago and they were a wild success. I'm sure your gal pals will feel the same! (Kate Spade, $50)


Magchunk said...

Ooh those resusable totes are so glam! We just have the boring kind you buy at the store and are all kinds of ugly. Well we do have a pretty oilcloth one from Trader Joes but we never use it because it holds all the other bags!

Down and Out Chic said...

the kate spade cosmetic bag is so much fun!


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