Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Sequins

It never fails... this time of year I crave sequins. And I'm not all that "flashy" of a person. But any of these I would snap up in a minute!

(for shopping details... check out my Stylebook at ShopStyle)


Liz said...

love those little flats!

Magchunk said...

I was just telling Ryan the other day that I am kind of in love with Britney's outfit in her "Piece of Me" video where she is wearing a little sequined bra like this with a furry vest thing. He just shook his head. Haha.

I bought a sequin dress last year but had to give it away because my arms couldn't take brushing against the kind of prickly sequins all night. Those suckers are sharp!

mart and lu said...

i love sequins...they scream holiday! beautiful!


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