Wednesday, November 11, 2009

shopping guide: {inspired baby}

This adorable doll bucks the trends of plastic dolls with plastic parts. I love her chic little outfit and Old Navy actually carries clothing for your little girl to compliment her dolls outfit! Adorable! (Old Navy, $12.50)

Blocks like these will stay in the family for a long time... lovingly made and adorable for a boy or girl. These would make a great stocking stuffer! (Etsy, Lily and Lou, $32)

I adore this personalized music box... babies have a penchant for tinkling music. Mine did at least... this would be a great little song box for nap time or while rocking your baby. I love that you can personalize it with your child's name and birthday as well. It also comes in blue and green. (Giggle, $60)

This plush elephant is soft and sweet. Perfect for a first little "lovie" for a little boy. (Etsy, ButterCupBloom, $28)

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Jackie said...

We have that Suki doll! I bought it for Kara and got another one for Nat while in Seattle as their souvenirs. Not that I couldn't have got one at our Old Navy, but they will never know the difference!

Love that personalized music box too, what a precious gift that would be.


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