Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a quick trip recap.

Don't you hate it when you get home from vacation and realize that you didn't take enough pictures, or that the pictures just don't live up to the experiences.

I have a bit of that feeling as I sit to recap the vacation. Although, how can you sum up in pictures the feeling of reconnecting with your spouse in deep and meaningful ways and sheer relaxation? Surely photos of the casinos would do it no justice. (and in fact many casinos and hotels had "no photos" signs every where. buggers.)

So let's all just come to the conclusion that these pictures weren't near as good as the real thing. But close.

Meeting my husband for lunch (he was working two of the three days I was there) at our favorite sushi place (I forget the name, just outside of the casino at Mandalay Bay). Look at this adorable bento box. And an iced tea. Perfect.

(ps. I am mostly vegetarian these days... but the tempura shrimp and the spicy tuna in the bento were consummed. And loved. The other more scale-y looking fish - bottom left - passed on to my husband.)

Me, fat and happy after an AMAZING meal at Mon Ami Gabi, hands down my most favorite restaurant ever.

We split the warm brie with peppered honey and roasted hazelnuts (I died and went to heaven). Then I had an amazing mushroom soup and roasted beet and goat cheese salad. If you want to drool over the menu, it's here. But the best part was a sharing a pitcher of "Fran-gria" a red-wine sangria concotion with rosemary undertones. It's heaven people! The best part is that the service was impeccable and the prices reasonable for the quality of food and service.

There was gelato and sorbet too... I only took a picture quick the first time we stopped (yes, there were multiple stops!) Here is my husbands chocolate hazelnut and my pomegranate. I am just wondering why in this picture he is digging into mine!?!? This little shop was in the breezeway between the Luxor and Mandalay.

A view from the pool. Where I spent most of my time... if you ever stay at the Luxor, the pyramid is cool. But get a room in the towers it is much more quiet and the rooms are nicer. We stayed in the pyramid last year and while it's "fun" it's also a bit on the cheesy side. And mostly I was there to relax (you probably think I am crazy, who goes to Vegas to relax? But I did. And I accomplished!)

Another pool view... the weather was warm and the pool was scrumptious!

All in all a most lovely get-away. There was shopping too! More on that soon!


paula said...

Looks like so much fun. I would love to get away and just relax, sigh*

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Looks like a great trip!

Jackie said...

Oh man, your recap has me wanting another Vegas vacay and STAT! I have to try out Mon Ami Gabi after your description-sounds sooo good! Glad you had a nice relaxing time. I agree, vacations alone with the hubby are such a wonderful way to reconnect. Makes you remember why you loved them in the first place! Hee hee.

Kotori said...

You had me at Bento box... and then you mentioned the Brie. Now I'm hungry!

What a fun trip Jill, glad you are back!

Lizzy said...

Looks delicious, but did you do any shopping?!

ms. less is always more said...

Jackie, you are so right! Time with hubby is the best! Plan a trip for next Nov. when I go back! My husband always has to be there the first week of Nov.!

Lizzy, OF COURSE there was shopping! More on that soon! :)


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