Thursday, November 12, 2009

good LOOK for less: Hannah, new mom and nurse-to-be!

I recently got an email from Hannah, a busy, busy new mom wanting to spruce up her wardrobe a bit for the cooler months. Here's a bit of her note to me:

I am a 21 year old mother (to a 6 month old), wife, and a student working to obtain my degree as an RN. I am looking to work on my wardrobe for this fall and coming winter. I have always given into t shirts and sweatshirts and would like to kick my old habits. I like to dress more on the "classic", simple side of fashionable. I love stores such as J Crew, Gap, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. but dont really know how to work these types of styles into a budget and get the right pieces. I definitely dont mind getting these styles at more budget friendly retailers! Being that I am a mother, wife, and student, I am really busy. I spend my days in the classroom, running errands, or at home taking care of my family & house so I am looking for more of a casual style.

She's smart and busy but that doesn't mean she can't have a stylish wardrobe that can work with all of her needs! Hannah's budget was only $300, but with that I was able to compile 21 new wardrobe pieces and 9 new looks for her! She started off with a pair of sweet grey slouchy boots and two pairs of premium denim. From there I added some great tops and versatile accessories. Check out her shopping list:

(yes, that grey cardigan might look familiar... I snatched one up for myself too! You know, just a little "research"!)

For Hannah I chose several basic neutral pieces but up-ed the style with modern cuts and bold but versatile accessories! Case-in-point. There is nothing over done or fancy about this outfit. But is casual and sophisticated and quickly pulled together with simple accessories.
Nordic at ShopStyle

Black skinny jeans "dress up" the look a bit, but over all this is still a very simple and achievable outfit. Perfect for work, play or maybe even a night out!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Grey sweater, what grey sweater? Oh THAT grey sweater. Seriously peeps. I had to physically make myself NOT wear this sweater today. I'm not going to divulge how many days in a row I have been throwing it on over my outfit. It's just THAT perfect. Here with some simple layers and sassy boots this is one great busy mom outfit!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Thanks Hannah! I hope you had a blast shopping!


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Bromeliad said...

Nice sweater. Great price.

Lizzy said...

Love how you worked in fun accessories with basics.


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