Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hit the books: BACK TO BASICS! (Part II)

Last week we went over purging the closet! Check out the video here...

Today we are going to go over two things... TAKING INVENTORY and FINDING INSPIRATION!

First things first... if you purged your closet since we talked last your closet is probably looking a little bare. I know mine is!
(photo via Flickr)
Don't we all wish our closet looked this cool even empty? But the good thing about your closet being a bit sparse is that it will be easy for the first step of today's goals.


- Take notice of what you have enough of.
- Take notice of what is missing.
- Note items that you like that may need replacing soon due to wear and tear (shoes especially).
- Jot down areas of your wardrobe that, if budget weren't an issue, you would expand (i.e. a greater selection of handbags, multiple boots/flats/heeels, more sweater, more jackets, etc)
- Note any trends or "looks" you would like to integrate into your wardrobe in the near future. (this will tie into our next step of FIND INSPIRATION)

It would help here to WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN. The list isn't set in stone, but it will be useful when you are shopping to refer to. For example, I have more than enough black sweaters. They happen to be my favorite so I gravitate towards them while shopping. But it would be a waste to keep adding them to my closet at this point. So a list will remind me to veer away from black sweaters while shopping to the other items on my list where the holes in my wardrobe lie.

Next up...


I know this picture and other's from Kate Spade's fall LookBook are doing multiple rounds in the blog world. But, this one in particular embraces what is an achievable style influence for me for the fall. (minus the, ahem, expensive KS pieces... unfortunately)

The aspects of this look that I love is as follows:
- Jackets mixed with embellished tops.
- Bold accessories (love the bangles here).
- Denim. Skinny and straight. (love, love, love).
- Flats, flats and more flats.
- Dashes of color (something I usually shy away from).

Find something that inspires you. For outfit inspiration check out my Work It Wednesday posts, my good LOOK for less posts or my Shopstyle Stylebook.


Go forth and make some notes on what you have and what you are missing and find some inspiration! Not so hard, huh?


Kathysue said...

Hi Jill, thank you for continuing to inspire me. I am not quite ready to purge once again but now that you have planted the seed It will be on my to do list. What do you think about a cordurouy skirt for fall? I thought that might be a fun addition to my wardrobe. Hope to see more of the three different age group dressings, are you going to make that a weekly event? hope so, Your over 50 follower, Kathysue

christina said...

I totally agree. I've been drooling over the KS fall collection, just like everyone else. And I'm intending on using it as my fall/post baby wardrobe inspiration. I'll need to channel my inner Jill, though to make it happen. If not, I'll be emailing you with another wardrobe consult. :)



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