Tuesday, September 1, 2009

good LOOK for less: Theresa, busy mom!

Theresa emailed me recently requesting a good LOOK for less consult... she's one super busy mom, just reading her email left me out of breath! Here's a bit of it!

This fall and winter will be quite busy for me, so I definitely want pieces that coordinate well and that I don't really have to think about. My typical days look something like thing: get up insanely early, pack lunches, get two older guys off to school, run errands with two youngers, home for lunch and housekeeping, then drop son off to kindergarten, then back home to put youngest down to nap. Then I'll do laundry, more housekeeping, and work (from home). Boys come home from school and it's a blur of snacks, homework, piano practice, and dinner prep. So, basically, my clothes need to go from school to errands to cleaning to church meetings to the baseball bleachers. Not too demanding, am I?

I think that SO many of us can relate to this... that sometimes putting on cute clothes in the morning seems futile, when we, as moms, need to wear so many hats! But looking our best can often equate to feeling our best (or better at least than with our hair undone and sweats, again, as the outfit du jour).

I loved this consult, because on top of all the craziness in Theresa's life, she also has a tight clothing budget... and hello!, we hear you on that too!

With only $200 I was able to compile 13 new wardrobe pieces and 6 total outfits! Theresa already owned a pair of white pants and dark denim jeans that she loved. So we included those in the consult to stretch the budget. Check out the shopping list:

To the two pairs of versatile pants that she already owned, I mixed in comfortable yet stylish tops and sweaters in mostly neutral colors. Keeping a tight color palate in your wardrobe from season to season can help you to easily mix and match pieces on the go (i.e. it's 7:55am and the kids need to be at school in 5 minutes!). Then be sure to add a couple pops of color here and there with some fun accessories to keep it all interesting.

Let's take a look at a couple of Theresa's new outfits...

Like I said, I kept the pieces in a fairly tight color scheme to ease mixing and matching and this is a great example. Different textures of similar colors make this outfit very un-boring, but still easy to pull together quickly.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Theresa pretty much "had me at hello" when she mentioned a love for a pair of white pants that she already owned. White pants are the "black horse" of fashion. They are SO versatile and extremely trimming. What else could you ask for? Here paired with a simple grey sweater and a fitted jacket and voila! This is truly a go-anywhere outfit!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

While this outfit is very "mom-friendly" it certainly has a pulled together feel as well. If you are a mom that is trying to keep your wardrobe interesting, it's simple to choose pieces like these cropped pants that have some visual interest to them, but are still comfortable. Then add some sleek and stylish flats and you are set to go!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Thanks Theresa and happy shopping!


If you are interested in learning more about my good LOOK for less consults... click here! Or email me at goodlifeforless @ gmail.com - I LOVE to hear from my readers!

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christina said...

Very chic and pulled together; yet totally practical for a mom! Great work, as always! :)


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