Friday, August 28, 2009

good LOOK for less: Alison, casual athletic look!

Alison emailed me recently requesting a good LOOK for less consultation, here is a bit of her note:

I am turning 40 in a few weeks and I want to enter this new decade in style! I am seeking a CASUAL fall wardrobe for my non-work life which includes a lot of walking, biking, playdates, etc. Comfortable footwear is a must! I don't do a lot of accessorizing--I'm a simple gal, but having said that I love your jewelry and bag picks that work across multiple outfits. I live in Colorado with mild winters and I'd like some pieces that will take me from warmer fall days into snowboarding season.

I was excited to work with Alison, because I think a lot of women (especially moms, but not entirely) seek out this casual and comfortable look. For me the problem lies in it being translated to yoga pants and hoodies each day... or quite regularly. And yoga pants and hoodies ARE comfortable... but they are made for the gym or the yoga studio. Not so much for the grocery store and playdates.

Alison's budget was $400 and for that I was able to compile 17 wardrobe items and 6 total outfits... let's take a peek at the shopping list:

And now onto the outfits...

This is a comfy and casual option that will be perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. With extra layers and a light-weight scarf it is polished but not stuffy.
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Alison had mentioned that she wasn't entirely sold on accessorizing, so by just simply adding one bangle bracelet to this outfit I am encouraging her to dip her toes into this trend and see how she likes it!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

I love the casual look to this outfit... it's easy to put together and easy to wear. I chose some athletic inspired shoes that still have some panache and sophistication to keep Alison comfy and active AND still chic!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Alison!


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Gayle Fox said...

This is right up my alley! I love what you do here!
So cool!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I just ordered that Old Navy Swing Coat. Thanks, as always, for the great ideas and inspiration. xxoo!

PS~Erin said...

I love that Forever21 olive top and the Old Navy sweater coat. Might have some more confessions coming up.

christina said...

I agree! I really need functional comfort most days...but too often I just grab jeans and a hoodie. That last outfit is so cute. Love it!

Jamie said...

This is a great one! It is perfect for my Mommy lifestyle.

Jackie said...

Hooray for comfort. Love those pumas!

UnoCosa said...

nice picks ... i love it - definitely something to look forward for fall ...

The Consummate Hostess said...

Good job! I especially love those military shirts.


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