Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to reality... new good LOOK for less!

I am on a dizzying high from a super relaxing weekend and the fact that my son starts school today! I am so excited for him! He is so ready and I am a lucky mom that he embraces new challenges so well. Did you all have a fabulous long weekend? Do tell the details... but now it is back to reality... with a new good LOOK for less consult!


Amanda contacted me recently for a good LOOK for less consult... I was excited to hear from her. Here's a bit of her details:

I'm 27 years old, married, no kids yet. I have a home based business, where I pretty much sit in front of my computer hours on end. We just moved into a neighborhood where there is always something going on, neighbors stopping by, weekly dinners at the community Market, and coffee breaks in the afternoons. I'd like cute work clothes than can transition into community activities or football games, and maybe some date night options.

Amanda also had three pairs of black shoes/sandals she had recently purchased that she wanted included in the consult (but not the budget. Her budget was $500... with that I was able to compile 20 new wardrobe pieces and 12 total new outfits! Whew!

Here is a peek at her shopping list (click for all the details):

Now, let's take a look at some of the outfits, shall we?

Amanda mentioned she doesn't usually do a lot of accessorizing with jewelry. I included this simple necklace as a way to maybe try out "costume" jewelry... if she doesn't like it, she hasn't invested a lot!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

This outfit is a perfect example of how to dress casually, but with some flair. The ruffles on the tank and the gold shoes give this outfit pizzazz but still keep it very simple and wear-able for all types of settings.
Old Navy at ShopStyle

One pair of dark denim pants in your closet is a great way to step up the sophistication level. They LOOK great and are flattering on all body types, especially with a bit of flare to the leg. Paired with a comfy and casual button up top and a great handbag this is a really pulled together look that is easy to achieve.
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Amanda!


If you are interested about my online wardrobe consultation services... click here for all the details! Or email me anytime - I'd love to hear from you - at goodlifeforless @ gmail.com


Kotori said...

Love it love it Jill. You always pull together fabulous stuff!

Hope the first day of school goes well today!

christina said...

All great looks...and it seems like everything here would be so easy to mix and match. I especially love that braided cuff.


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