Wednesday, September 9, 2009

work it wednesday!

It's time for another WORK IT WEDNESDAY! It's been a while, I know... this fall I promise to be better on consistency around here! Today's WORK IT WEDNESDAY features two hot, hot, hot pieces for fall. The boyfriend blazer and denim. (for those of you new to work it wednesday... it's when I take one wardrobe piece and show you how to "work it" into your wardrobe in three different ways!)

One question I get from readers is how a more mature stylista can stick to the trends without looking like she is trying to dress like her daughter! This is a great question, because as we age we all need to continue to dress our age. Looking and feeling youthful is important, but let's be honest... trying to dress like you are 16 when you are 30 just isn't cool. Keeping with the trends is possible for all age groups, but needs to be executed with thought and finesse.

Here are two of this season's hottest items... tastefully styled to three different age groups.


Like the pieces above? Here's shopping info:


PS~Erin said...

I like all the looks (I must transend the ages :-) I love the 30/40 boots, but I didn't see them in the shopping list... Where can I find out abt those?

Jackie said...

I always loved this feature in Bazaar, so I am digging it! Funny thing is I always liked the older ones the best: 40, 50, 60, even though I am still in my 20's. I'm just an old lady at heart! Ha!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm on the same page as Erin/ Jackie... I like the looks outside of my age range as well. They're all so cute! You can't go wrong with that blazer!!

Magchunk said...

I also like all three looks! Does this mean that a blazer purchase like this would count as an investment piece? I mean, I could be wearing it for the next 40 years!

ms. less is always more said...

If you girls tend toward the "older" looks that just means you like more classic and timeless styling! It's a good cue for when you are shopping! Looks like you tend to shy away from "pop-up" trends and go for the longer lasting ones! That's good to know!

Maggie, a blazer will def be an investment piece! I think I have had my most favorite one for 4+ years - for me that is a LONG time for something to stay in my closet! Go forth and INVEST! :)

pk said...

What a great idea to do them for the different age groups! I'm liking the looks.

pk @ room remix

Kathysue said...

Erin, You did it, I have been waiting to see what you would do for the over 50 ladies. I wrote you and you answered with this great blog post, Keep this up it is a great outreach, can't wait to tell my lady friends, Wonderful look and I would totally wear it all. Thank you soooooo much, Kathysue(actually closer to 60 something but that just means I am twice as good as a 30 something, right???!!!0


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