Thursday, July 30, 2009

good LOOK for less: Ruth, soon to be stylin' mom!

Ruth emailed me recently... she's my newest member of the "Dallas gals" as I affectionately refer to them! They are the gaggle of women in Dallas that are devoted GLFL fans... and for that, I love them. I should start my own fan club just to love them back! Anyway, Ruth wanted to spruce up her look and of course I was at the ready to help! Here's how she explains her style:

I am a stay-at-home mom with a 4 year old and a 6 year old. My current wardrobe is mostly (nice) t-shirts, skirts, and skorts. I have maybe one fun summer dress. I am not a big jewelry girl- my wedding ring and a seiko is it for me most days. I might do a necklace and earrings for date night. I spend my days playing with my kids- at home and out and about, running errands, and volunteering at their schools. I would like some comfortable, easy-to-put-together outfits for daily life and maybe something to spice up nights out (with hubby or friends).

With Ruth's budget of $300 - $400 I put together a super-fab, yet super-easy shopping list consisting of 17 new wardrobe pieces:

With all of these great mix and match pieces I was able to mix and match my way to 10 (ten!) different outfits as well... here's a few of my favorites!

When Ruth mentioned she's not high on accessories like jewelry I had to come up with another way to add pizzazz to her look. The easiest way? Color. I mixed and matched bold colors like this yellow with neutral basics like the jeans and a grey v-neck. Then the silver accessories give a little bit of sparkle!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Here a fun and punchy floral top does all the work while simple white pants and a brown blazer finish the look with sophistication. So easy!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Who would have thought that a yellow cardigan would be so versatile? Here it is again making this outfit casual enough for running errands or perfect for meeting friends for coffee. A simple black wrap dress is so versatile and classy!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Last I heard from Ruth she was busy doing some shopping! Enjoy Ruth and thanks for letting me work with you!


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PS~Erin said...

All of this will look great on Ruth... Nice job!


Fabulous selection!
Love the a pop of yellow especially with grey!

Happy Friday...sniff-sniff~smell the weekend air already!

Kotori said...

These will all look perfect on Ruth! Such a fabulous job!!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

This is fantastic!!!! I am almost exactly like this lady (situation wise) and my wardrobe has descended into 3 prs of jeans, literally 5 tops and 2 pairs of shoes (I do have a nice bag collection though!). I am DESPERATE for ideas and I am DEVOURING your site (I may not leave this computer for awhile kids...). Thanks for sharing!


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