Monday, August 3, 2009

good LOOK for less: Amy, chic creative!

I was so excited to get an email recently from Amy requesting a wardrobe consult! Here's how she explains her style:

I will turn 40 in February but certainly am not ready to look like I am over the hill. I am a Physical Therapist that wears scrubs all day so my daytime wardrobe is already taken care of. I mostly dress to do things in the evening and for our casual church service on Sundays. I tend to dress more casually with some trendy flair. I love the vintage look and lean more to the creative side. I get stuck in brown and black for many of my pieces but I am open to more color. I have very dark hair and eyes with very pale skin so yellow and orange are a stretch. I have more of a tall straight figure. Let me know what else you need to know. I am excited to try something new!!!

Trendy, vintage, creative!?!?! This was a blast to put together...

Amy had a shopping budget of $500 and with that I was able to compile 25 (twenty five!) new wardrobe pieces and 9 total outfits! Here is her shopping list (click on the image to see all the items, there is so much good stuff, you won't want to miss it):

And now to the outfits... I mentioned I put together 9 total for Amy. Here are just a few, although it's hard to choose my favorites!

This outfit has definite vintage flair with the printed top and bright red clutch. But it is still easy enough for everyday wear. Would you even believe that this outfit clocks in at UNDER $100 as well? Love it!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Hello date night? Hello girls night out? Hello meeting a friend for coffee? This outfit is perfect for ALL of the above. The boyfriend jeans are super current and the strapless top is made less intimidating and easier to wear by pairing with a cardigan. I love this cardigan, it has a vintag-y feel with the lace details (and is also available in some other colors! So check it out!)
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Here is another very casual outfit that has some fun flair with the some simple accessories. This outfit has tons of creative mojo!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

One last outfit to share... this one again is very casual but is super charged with some great accessories!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Amy! Enjoy!


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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah another great one! Love all the looks you put together and I have to tell ya I was at Target on friday and after you lovely video I had scarfs on the brain. I purchased two in the 75% off clearance section that I love. I need to send you picks, because one is a sort of jersey thing that is in a loop and I can't realy figure out how to wear, but for $4 I was sold!

PS~Erin said...

This is so Amy. She will look great in these cool ensembles!


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