Wednesday, July 15, 2009

do you "dress"?

Lean in, I have a little secret for you...

If you wear dresses in the summer, you don't have to coordinate tops and bottoms. Isn't that revolutionary?

To which you likely respond: "Yes, Jill, we already knew that. Like, everyone knows that."

Oh right.

I don't like dresses much (or never used to I should say) or shorts... because I don't really like my legs and they always seem to be pale and ugly. Enter my gym membership this year along with a pool membership and suddenly my legs are bare-able. Literally. Whew, so thank goodness for that because I just realized that dresses are the easiest outfit out there! Not that I didn't sorta kinda know that before, it just applies more personally now.

Yesterday I pulled out an adorable dress that I got in my early pregnancy with my second child for a warm weather trip... it was just flowy enough to cover my expanding waist line at the time. It wasn't an actual "maternity" dress... so it has been hanging out in the closet for some time. I whipped it out in desperation of nothing to wear yesterday and fell head over heels for dresses again!

So in the spirit of my new-found love of dresses... let's find some. On the cheap, shall we!?!?

This simple dress could be paired with heels and a jacket for the office or just flats and some fun earrings for a day at the beach or shopping. So cute and easy!

I just love the cool texture on this dress. I personally would pair it with some gladiators and a belt (so that it doesn't feel like a potato sack) and then call it good. The argyle pattern adds enough interest to go ultra simple.

Don't let the maxi style dress think that this is a "formal" dress by any means! Pair with a very simple pair of sandals and a sun-hat and this is ready for a day at the park or the farmers market.

And this doesn't really qualify as a day dress, but it was too gorgeous to not share... absolutely perfect for a summer wedding... ahhh. And it's less than $50. Does any one have a wedding they could invite me to so I can wear this... you can get back to me on that.

So are you in on the dress revolution?


pk @ room remix said...

I love how easy the "new/old" maxi dresses are. Unfortunately, I'm tall so they don't work out too well for me. :-( Makes me sad because I would stock up on them!

Jackie said...

i love dresses for that very reason, it's so nice some mornings to not have to overthink what i'm wearing. with a dress you just put it on and accessorize. it's nice to have less to coordinate.

i like the maxi dresses you've shown, but as a shortie, i'm thinking they're probably not the best idea. what do you think?

ms. less is always more said...

Jackie - you could totally pull one off! Just get it hemmed quick at the tailor. I know people hate to do this (me included) as it's just another errand to run, but then it will fit you perfect!

PK - you too! Go to the tailor and have them take the hem "out" a bit...

humble happenings said...

thankyou! I know what I'm wearing to work today now! you're right it really is so much easier to just throw on a dress and not worry about a layering cami, blouse, jeans, etc... and its always in the 90s here so dresses are way cooler too. yay you made my outfit for today :)

Elena said...

I absolutely adore dresses! Ever since I noticed a severe lack of them in my wardrobe last summer, I've been scooping them up every chance I get. My fave sources are Forever 21, Gap, Banana, Old Navy, Urban.

Kotori said...

I rock a dress all summer long (so much easier and cooler than shorts or capris). I haven't jumped on the maxidress trend, though. I worry that at 5'3" I would look ridiculous.Are they more suited for taller women? your thoughts?

ms. less is always more said...

Kotori - I think you could do it... I'm only an inch or so taller and I have one maxi dress that I really love. if you are worried about it over taking you or you buy one and it's too long, I would just hem it or have the tailor hem it. (Usually this would only cost $7 - $10 - which is pretty cheap if you think about have a custom dress - ha! that's how I always think of it!)

To give the illusion of long legs I would hem it so that that your ankles show at least.


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