Thursday, June 25, 2009

work it wednesday (on Thursday)!

Again... Wednesday just blew right past me and here I am on Thursday still pining for a Work it Wednesday, how about you?

I am going to go super basic... the easiest of the easiest, the most comfortable of all, the classic, the timeless:

the white t-shirt.

Who doesn't just love a white tee? Especially when the temps soar I just love the feeling of a simple white t-shirt on my shoulders (tanned, of course!). Always in style, but need not be boring:

Here are a couple of great white t-shirts at several price points:




What is your favorite way to rock a white tee?


down and out chic said...

lately i've just been wanting to wear a white t with a pair of straight leg jeans and a bad ass buttery, brown leather purse. so simple, classic, and chic. too bad i don't have the bag, or the t really.

Elena said...

I just recently discovered your blog, and boy am I glad I did! Your outfits are amazing. I think I'll create a mood board for my closet from your posts.

I LOVE white t's! I live in South Florida, so naturally I own about a dozen of them. I'm constantly hunting for the perfect one and have always had luck at the Gap and sometimes JCrew(when they aren't all tissuey-see thru!). I wear mine with everything...summery skirts, with shorts, pants, jeans. I just make sure to accessorize them with some great earrings or a necklace and one of my bags.

A good follow up to this would be how to KEEP those great white t's looking white. Always a challenge!

ms. less is always more said...

Down and out: that does sound amazing... or a really cool vintagey brown bag (maybe cheaper!)

Elena: glad you like the blog... white tees are impossible to keep clean, huh? I have rusty well water so I use BORAX (old fashion additive for the washing machine) - on decent water (mine is terrible) that should help a lot! Otherwise, buy cheap tees so you can replace them easy!

A "cheery" disposition said...

love white tees and black leggings or brown!

Kim said...

There's nothing better than a plain white tshirt!These outfits are so adorable!

humble happenings said...

I love the way you've styled the white tee in your polyvore collage! you're so talented! <3


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