Wednesday, June 24, 2009

good LOOK for less: writer and old college pal, Elizabeth!

Hello my lovely readers... today I have a super fun (and almost amazing, wait to you hear what I did with this budget!) good LOOK for less for you all!

Meet Elizabeth! She is one of my old college pals, we actually lived together - just the two of us... oh, and FOUR other gals, our Junior year in college. Best days of my life... "drop the bomb - elizabeth!" (sorry little inside joke there...)

Any way, currently she is a writer who is working from home in Madison, Wisconsin and who blogs about life with her three sons at Boy Crazy!

Elizabeth wanted a summer spruce-up for her wardrobe now that she is working on getting back to pre-pregnancy weight. She only has $100 to spend and wanted some easy but fun and trendy pieces to add to her wardrobe. I loved this challenge - because only spending $100 is VERY do-able, and as you will see, just a couple of pieces can make up some new outfits that will feel fresh and new and the pieces are versatile enough that they can mix and match in your existing wardrobe!

So this is a glimpse at her shopping list:

For only $110 (yes, I went a touch over... shame on me! It's so worth it though) I came up with 7 new wardrobe pieces and 4 outfits... even a pair of sandals! Whew! The key here is that each of the tops go with each of the bottoms... 100% versatile! Here are a couple of her looks:

I chose these fun and very trendy cut-off jean shorts for a couple of reasons... now that Elizabeth is working on getting her pre-baby body back, I figured she could use some "sass" in her wardrobe to make her feel like the hot-momma she is! Paired with a simple t-shirt and gold accessories... this is a simple "mom" outfit that speaks anything but!
Vigoss at ShopStyle

Elizabeth has a ton of personality, so adding a top that had a vibrant and exciting pattern is a must for her! The pop of red in the lite-weight scarf adds flair without fuss. And then again, the gold sandals this season go with EVERYTHING! So simple, but so chic!
Vigoss at ShopStyle

Elizabeth told me she likes to wear skirts... I know a white one is risky with three boys! But it is machine washable and will look and feel great! Moms easily fall into the trap of wearing (or not wearing things) because of assumed limitations with kids... but I say "boo" to that! Wear it and spot treat as necessary!
Express at ShopStyle

Lastly Elizabeth wanted some suggestions on handbags... unfortunately a handbag didn't fit so well into the budget, but I did compile some fun mid-range bags that I think Elizabeth would like (could be a great gift idea or anniversary idea from the husband!) for down the road.

I included a couple of handbags from Urban Outfitters... I just love their bags because they are a little edgy and seem to fit Elizabeth's style. All of them are roomy enough for "boy" supplies (cars, snacks, books, diapers... dirt!) and are available in fun neutral colors. I also included a couple of MATT & NAT bags... these are a bit pricier, but can easily be found on sale. I chose these because they are 100% vegan and I know Elizabeth pays attention to these types of things and would like these!

Thanks so much for letting me help you out Elizabeth! I hope you enjoy! And readers, don't forget to check out her blog Boy Crazy!


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Boy Crazy said...

Thanks again, Jill! I love what you've pulled together! I can't believe you found all of that for $100!

down and out chic said...

great job, i love the versatility of the pieces and that pink v-neck looks so comfy!

Rachel said...

Oh, great job!! Very versatile indeed!

pk @ room remix said...

These are so great! I SO need to do this when I actually get time to breath and think about it. It's so funny because this is exactly the same thing I do for my interior design clients and I LOVE it, BUT when it comes to clothes it drives me crazy... :-( This is definitely your gift.

Jackie said...

You really gave her a lot of bang for her buck! Love the ikat print shirt from F21.


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