Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is it summer? At least it's a long weekend...

So it's Thursday and my mind is already on the weekend... probably because we turned the A/C on yesterday and then whipped up some margaritas after a sweaty day. How could I not be in "summer" mode after that?! So today I am all laid back, super chill, "what, I have a blog?"... all in the best way of course.

There will be SEVERAL highlights of my weekend... the first is the kick-off of white pant season. Boy, oh boy, do I love me some white pants! Whoo hooo! I honestly think this will take the cake over tons of sun, pool time, extra lazy family time and tons of sun!

But anyway, please tell me you wear white pants!!! I already have a couple "under my belt" literally... so I don't need to snag any this season. But if I did, these two pairs would be on the short list:


In some housekeeping news... my simple delights swap is open to entries until MONDAY (or the "holiday" - so do it now!) - this will be low stress and tons of fun! So join in and tell your friends! Swap pairs will be announced TUESDAY, May 26 - what better way to shake off the post-holiday back to reality blues!?

Also, wowie-kazowie! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the overwhelming response to the good LOOK for less! If a girl can't find support in the blog world, where can she? I am taking MORE "reservations" for these if you will. I am hoping to make this a weekly series here on the blog and will be taking an additional limited number of "clients" for this complimentary service! So DO NOT hesitate and email me now if you are interested! (goodlifeforless (at) gmail (dot) com) - after which, this will no longer be a "complimentary" service if you catch my drift... so get in now!


Enough about me... what are you all up to this glorious weekend!?!? I do SO LOVE summer (after 100+ inches of snow this season, you likely don't wonder why!) - how do you kick off this "season"? Do tell!


Megan said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you! And I am right there with you regarding the white pants-I have a pair in my closet that I've been dying to wear since the weather has been getting warm. This weekend we're celebrating the long holiday weekend with the extended family and a big cookout-to me that definitely marks the beginning of summer :)

Maddio said...

I love my white pants! I have a pair of capris, a pair of slacks, and going out today to get the J Brand cigarette white jeans! Tis the season! This weekend, I'm headed out to our vineyard in Southwest Texas to do some planting/pruning/camping. The white pants will not be accompanying me. Hooray summer!

down and out chic said...

i can't wear white pants with the dogs, but i like the crisp look of them. can't wait to get into the swap experiment.

Kotori said...

I need to get a new pair of white pants because I love how fresh they look all summer.

We're doing some early birthday celebrating this weekend, I always feel like summer has officially started once we hit Memorial Day! Have a great long weekend!


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