Wednesday, May 27, 2009

good LOOK for less: Katie, the young hip interior designer!

Goodness, do I have the best readers! Katie emailed me last week wanting me to whip up a "good LOOK for less" wardrobe inspiration for her. Here is her note:

"Hi! Your good look for less post was awesome and I would love to see what you can come up for me! I am 25 and live in Florida (so no heavy coats!). I work as an interior designer and need outfits for anything from casual Fridays at the office to meetings with clients. My weekend and going out outfits could also use some help too! My office is fairly conservative but I would describe my style as simple, classic pieces mixed with bold jewelry and accessories. I love modern architecture and would like incorporate that into my look by adding some modern structured pieces to my wardrobe as well. Oh and I love European style, is that to much to mix in?! My budget is around $1,000 and I would really appreciate your help."

Well of course I was thrilled to help her out... here is a peak at what her $1,000 shopping list looked like:

With $1,000 I was able to put together 35 new wardrobe pieces for her! This included tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, shoes, accessories and jewelry! Whew, what a great collection! I was shooting for modern and youthful, while also being mindful of the weather challenges that Florida poses (likely very cool air conditioned interiors and hot and muggy exteriors) - so layering was key here. Also I incorporated fun and vibrant accessories that added a ton of interest to make the basics pop!

With these 35 new wardrobe pieces I compiled 14 new outfits! Here is just a sampling of all of them!

This look quickly transforms from day to evening by simply removing the jacket! Maxi dresses are so hot again this season, a great carry-over from last summer, and are easy when layered with fab accessories!

Nothing is more youthful and sophisticated this season than short-shorts. Paired with eye-popping brights, this simple black bottom and white top is absolutely fun and modern.

I just adore gold accessories this season, they are so versatile and chic. Here, paired with boyfriend jeans - which face it, if you aren't wearing them, they should be on your wish list - and a flowy top makes a great casual day in the office or Saturday at the park or movies.

I hope you enjoy Katie! It sure was a pleasure to serve you!
As a follow up... here is what Katie had to say about the wardrobe inspiration...
Thank you so much! I keep trying to think of what my favorites are but you found so many great deals its hard to pick! Again, thank you so much...I cant wait to go shopping and try on some of these outfits!

If you are interested in a "good LOOK for less" wardrobe consultation... email me know at goodlifeforless (at)!


Jess Constable said...

This is great! I love scrolling through your looks. Thanks to you I actually found and might get a B. Makowsky bag :)

Jackie said...

Another great wardrobe! This new series is going to be a bit of a problem for me because I am going to want to buy everything!

Christina said...

i was just thinking about buying that orange neck tied blouse from forever 21 yesterday...maybe this is a sign.

Unknown said...

again, thank you so much! i'm glad to know I'm considered hip and young :)


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