Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the good look for less... wardrobe styling & consultation!

After numerous requests for wardrobe styling and consultation services, both online and off, I am thrilled to present "the good look for less"

Clothing is something we all have to buy and wear... sometimes putting great outfits together on a daily basis can be tricky! Now is the time to stop buying items that only get worn once or that you don't really like. Make an investment in yourself and your wardrobe!

Here are the details of my services:

You don't have to be a celebrity or a big wig to get great wardrobe advice! Working within your style preferences and needs, I will compile a shopping list (and provide links to online shopping) within your budget, large or small. Based on that shopping list I will compile outfit suggestions for your future reference! No more stressing over "What will I wear today?" - a pdf of the compiled outfits will be emailed to you to print off and keep in your closet or to take shopping with you! Interested in what this service looks like? Here are previous completed wardrobe inspirations. There are no obligations to buy the items I suggest, use it as a road map for future purchases!

Career women, stay-at-home moms, aspiring fashionistas, students preparing to enter the "real world", expecting mothers, any one who would like some wardrobe assistance - I can serve you!

Email me [goodlifeforless(at)] to get the process started! Tell me what your wardrobe needs are, how you spend your days, your likes, your dislikes, your aspirations and even if you have some items in your wardrobe already that you want me to incorporate!

Why use a wardrobe stylist or consultant? Take a look around your closet... are there one or more items that you dislike? Are there items that are years old with the tags still on? For what you paid for items that you dislike or don't wear... you could have invested in a consultation instead!

This is what one previous client had to say:
"Working with Jill virtually was one of the best online experiences I've had. She totally 'got' the style I was going for, saved me a ton of time and money and helped ensure that I am stepping up my style. Thanks Jill!!"

The "Mini" $30.00
- Shopping budget of up to $250
- Up to 16 suggested wardrobe pieces
- Up to 8 coordinated outfits

The "New You" $45.00
- Shopping budget in the range of $251 - $500
- Up to 25 suggested wardrobe pieces
- Up to 12 coordinated outfits

The "Over Haul" $60.00
- Shopping budget in the range of $501 - $1,000
- Up to 40 suggested wardrobe pieces
- Up to 18 coordinated outfits

The "Special Occasion" $ on an individual basis
- For formal events, speaking engagements, proms, reunions, etc.
- This service will range from $35 to $55 and will be 100% customizable (email me for details)

Wardrobe Consultation

Also, notice a new handy "buy now" button... if you use this, please email me pertinent details for your personal wardrobe consult (likes, dislikes, fashion aspirations, etc) or include it in the notes section of the receipt. As always, I love feedback and emails - so hit me up if you have something to say or any questions before buying my services! I am here for you! :) goodlifeforless @
*These are approximate wardrobe piece and outfit numbers based on previous experience. Each client will be served on an individual basis according to their individual needs and these numbers can not be guaranteed.


alison giese Interiors said...

YOU are brilliant!

I will be emailing you so we can put together a styling package - I REALLY need to get out of the basic Old Navy T/walking shorts mode. I have some interesting aspects, so it may be a challenge!

alison g.
My Little Happy Place

Christina said...

wow, i'm excited for you and am anxious to see how this works out. may the clients start rolling in!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Can't wait to see all the results!

inkWELL Press said...

Congrats on this new venture... I think it's PERFECT for you! What a genius idea!

LobotoME said...

love this idea! i so need your help! i've been wearing the same cuffed joe's jeans & long style tank top and regular ol' flip flops all summer! J :)

Mary said...

Does your advice take into consideration size and body shape?

Jill GG said...

Yes, Mary! All consults are as individualized and personal as possible! Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you!


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