Wednesday, February 11, 2009

work it wednesday, folks!

Last week the internet hugged me when I introduced the concept of "working" one wardrobe piece three ways. (and more here) And who doesn't love a little internet hug here and there. Sure are less awkward than real-life ones with people you don't know... so I thought we would make it a weekly event! The post, not necessarily the hugs, but if you want to give hugs... I'll take 'em.

Today I am going to tackle layers again, because today in Michigan it was 60 and sunny and by the end of the week they are forecasting snow. So, yeah, dressing can be a little difficult these days. And to be honest, it will be this way until about April or May. Warm, cold, colder, mild, warm... etc.

This Long Slub V-Neck Tee from Forever 21 is a steal at $12.80! It may look like just a tee shirt... but here's a way to make it uber versatile! Layers are the key!

vneck tee... three ways
vneck tee... three ways - by Jill GG on

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Kotori said...

Love each outfit - think I might have to run to Forever 21 and grab that shirt!

You know I love this concept! So smart!!


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