Thursday, January 8, 2009

How do you show your LOVE?

Love has a been a big topic in our household lately... how we are showing it to each other and how to make it more a part of our everyday lives. In the hustle and the bustle, it's hard to believe, but sometimes you have to work at it. I just snagged one of these amazing prints from MadeByGirl...

... how is that for a daily reminder?

I can't wait to hang it next to my inspiration board above my desk (which is coming to fruition soon! I have plans in the works!!)

Stop by MadeByGirls blog or etsy shop to pick up one of your own... they come in the most adorable colors!

[photo courtesy of MadeByGirl]

1 comment:

Miss Aimee said...

Ahhhh. you must check out my new etsy shop to(opened today)! As it is a great expression of "love" to fit your theme. cards, list pads, posters!


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