Thursday, January 8, 2009

My trend predictions... 2009!

A little daring, I know, to join the ranks - both famous and infamous - to predict trends for the year. But if nothing else, these are the trends I'll be following in 2009!

1. Jeans: Ultra-Skinny and Boot Fit have begun to merge into a nice straight fit that is definitely a carry-over from the menswear inspired trend of 2008. They are perfect with flats, perfect tucked into tall or medium height boots and perfect with heels. I just purchased this rockin' pair of Sevens (LOVE!) from Gilt Groupe for only $99... woo hoo!

2. Brands That Give Back: This is popping up all over these days with streamlined retailers and I hope to see a lot more of it in 2009. TOMS does it best... that is why I can't wait to sport my TOMS in 2009! (I just got mine in the mail yesterday... I'll post more on them soon!)

3. Shoes: Brightly colored flats will be a fantastic transition piece from winter to spring to summer and the brighter the colors the better!
Women's shoes: BC Footwear Don't Sweat the Technique - Fuchsia

4. Color: Pantone, the color expert, has named the color of the year to be Mimosa Yellow... and boy does it pack a bunch. But it has great warm undertones that are perfect for accessorizing. Don't forget a post I did late last year on yellow for great ideas on how to incorporate this new trend in your wardrobe for 2009.

5. Tea: Starbucks just announced that they are integrating more teas into their line up and Teavana is popping up in malls of all places (just one sip and you'll see why they make a play on the word "nirvana")... I'm hopping on this trend, because I stopped drinking pop in 2008 and I need a tastier alternative to water all. day. long. Plus, it takes very little research to show how many health and wellness benefits tea has... so what will be brewing in your Starbucks cup in '09?

What trends are you following this year... or creating for yourself? Leave me a note to let me know!


Rachel said...

I'm definitely on board with the bright yellow and the colored flats. Tea is an everyday addiction for me, rather than a trend. I think I drink over 3 liters of hot tea over the course of the day!

Blair said...

I think these are all great! I am so happy that yellow is around to stay--such a happy accent color.

Kotori said...

I hope you're right... I think I just bought those same Sevens yesterday (also on sale for $99)!! too funny!

Have you tasted Teavana's Roobios Chai? I'm in love with it!! I'll be drinking more of that... trend or no trend! :)

Rita Finn said...

This year is all about higher quality, but lower quantity for me. I'm taking my inspiration from you in creating a closet that takes all the guesswork out of mornings. I love your blog!


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