Friday, January 25, 2008

one more t on the pile

this is the last installment of my t shirt reviews.  i did save the best "deal" for last... but let's look at this "deal" a little closer.

i'm all for mall fashion - there will be more on that later.  add to that - i am not opposed to shopping old navy at all.  with two kids, i'm shopping there for them anyway, so it's very convenient to pick up a top or jacket or some jeans there quick.  less time spent shopping means more time for everything else - which is an ever growing list.

there are two very strong points of the old navy crew neck t.  the first is the price - one for $14.50 or two or more for $10 each makes this top "easy fashion" - if you dare take it that far.  in addition, old navy is pretty good at staying with the current trends - sometimes to their own demise - but with these t's it translates to a wide selection of colors.  

however, i have to be honest that there are quite a few quality issues that old navy struggles with here.  the first is the fabric's stability.  in general this shirt seems to stretch and get all odd shaped after several washings and wearings (and what t shirt doesn't get several washings and wearings?).  two other experiences i have had with this t (and other's from old navy) is color fading and small holes appearing - sometimes after just a few wearings/washings.

while i will say that the price point is attractive, i must say that this t is not so "good life for less" - saving your money to buy a t at the next price point would be much smarter in my opinion.  but hey, i'm not you.

so, what are your "t" experiences? what did i miss?  what are YOUR opinions?  speak up!

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