Monday, January 21, 2008

the all american t

it's impossible to start talking about t's without talking about american apparel.

they are t's, only t's, and nothing but t's.  these here are a couple of my faves.  in general, american apparel tends to be a bit edgier and works towards a younger crowd (thus the glowing and youthful models...) but don't be intimidated if you are a thirty-, forty-, or fifty-something.  these t's are ageless and easily layered in case one style is particularly low cut for your taste.  in my opinion either of these t's could be tastefully presented for a beach cover up, a night out with your man, or toting the toddlers around.  

they are all priced between $15 and $32 each and come in a near ridiculous amount of color selections.  i am officially giving you permission... live the good life, what's stopping you.

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