Friday, August 5, 2022

5 things: health hacks!


Today I'm launching a new series called "five things." It will be a little all over the place in terms of content ranging from personal things, to trends, to lifestyle content and whatever is on my mind that week/day. I think it will be a fun post to break up the clothing and style posts. It will mostly be just a mini brain dump of whatever is inspiring me at the moment. 

For today's "5 things" we are chatting health hacks... I'm not a health guru nor am I am expert at all in the field of health and wellness. So this won't be any hard hitting medical advice by any means. I always love when I am listening to podcasts and people talk their own individual health hacks so today I'm going to chat about mine. The older I get the more I am putting health and wellness at the front of my priorities for everyday. And not just my physical health, but also my mental health. Here are 5 health hacks that help me live my best life these days...

1. Walking. Oh my goodness, walks are life changing! I was admittedly late to the walking game and many of you are already nodding your head in agreement. I never was big on taking walks but during the insanity of 2020 because we had more time and a dog my husband and I started walking regularly. Walks are not only one of the best workouts for your body but I have found they clear my mind and help incredibly with my anxiety. These days my dog is lazy and our schedules are more crazy, so I usually walk by myself with a podcast or music. It checks off my workout for the day, clears my mind and gives such a great boost of good feelings. I love a walk to catch up with my husband, we always have the best chats. Sometimes I'll choose a walk with music blaring that allows me to check out and release emotions like sadness, anxiety or frustrations. Usually I walk with a podcast and feel uplifted or educated or entertained when I get home. I always have a smile on my face and a better mindset when I get home.

2. The right gear for workouts. I've noticed that I am SUPER picky about my fitness apparel lately. Maybe it's an age thing? I have zero patience for leggings that slip down or a sports bra that isn't *just right* etc, etc. When I am walking or playing tennis or lifting weights the last thing I want to worry about is my clothes not fitting right. Three of my GO-TO finds that I am really impressed with are these... 1) These sneakers, for walks or lifting weights they are lightweight and comfortable. I'm on my third pair already. 2) These tanks. I have tried like a million tanks and I still keep coming back to these. They are soft and comfortable and under $15, it's pretty much the only top I will wear when doing any type of workout from tennis to lifting weights to walking 3) I have a complicated relationship with sports bras, why are they so uncomfortable, why are they so hard to get off? I just found this sports bra and it had really good reviews and I can confirm: it's a GREAT sports bra. I have the black and white and will be buying more styles (there are some sale colors here too)!

3. Electrolytes. I used to get terrible headaches after workouts until I started incorporating electrolytes into my daily routine. I've tried a few brands like Nuun or Liquid IV but the CURE electrolytes are my absolute favorite. They aren't too sweet, are organic and taste really good. I always drink them during a workout but I drink them other times too. If I'm feeling under the weather or worn out I go to CURE first, sometimes in the afternoon when I'm feeling snack-y I'll do a CURE instead of the junk food I like to reach for in late afternoons and CURE works great as a hangover helper. I don't drink a lot but when I attend a special event or special dinner where I know I will be drinking I always have one when I get home and one in the morning to avoid a hangover. I can't recommend them enough!

4. Lifting weights. I started lifting weights regularly last fall I think it was and it's been so amazing for my confidence. I knew it was something I *should* do as I age for bone density and for my metabolism, etc but I knew I was never going to go to the gym and start on my own. I work with a personal trainer for only 30 minutes once or twice a week and it's been a game changer. It's good for my body and gives me a lot of confidence! If you aren't interested in hiring a trainer there are some great apps to guide you or find a workout buddy! 

5. Being kinder to myself. Maybe this doesn't fall exactly under a "health hack" but it's something I think makes a big difference in mental health and body image. I'm really trying to be kinder to myself. Whether it's self care like workouts, or turning off the negative mind chatter, forgiving myself when I make mistakes, or just letting myself rest or "be lazy" when I feel worn out. Being kinder to myself will be a lifelong goal for me, but I truly believe that loving yourself is the path to loving those around you better and my kids and husband mean the world to me so it's important to show up for them as my best self.


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