Wednesday, January 13, 2021

joggers I love!

Joggers and leggings were LIFE in 2020 and I don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon. Remember when we were all: ohhhhh, leggings! So soft, so stretchy! Then we tried joggers and our minds were blown... soft and stretchy but not tight! Joggers and sweats have been the true winner of the pandemic life at home. I'm still a little so-so on sweats but I'm ALL IN on joggers. I had one tried and true pair going into 2020 and then found a few more that I really like. 

I've featured joggers here and there on the blog and Instagram and I thought it would be helpful to bring them all together in one place to keep them all straight. I usually wear mine with a slouchy sweater or sweatshirt, but if you want more styling ideas I highly recommend this post where I style joggers into six outfits!

I will also note that I personally don't prefer to work out in joggers (is that breaking some type of rule?) I have worked out in the Vuori joggers a few times, but other than dog walks these joggers are more for athleisure looks for me so I can't really comment on workout performance specifically.

(above) vuori jogger (here or here) - 

Sizing: True to size. I am in my usual size small

Thoughts: These are my go-to and the pair I've owned the longest. I wear them A LOT around the house or even to run errands. They are buttery soft, super stretchy and just an amazing pair of joggers. While this pair is the most expensive, it's cost per wear is lower than the other pairs simply because they get SO much wear. My husband has the men's version and wears the heck out of them too - I think they are a very handsome mens jogger.

(above) vuori harem

Sizing: True to size. I am in my usual size small.

Thoughts: This pair is my newest, so I've only worn them a few times, but I see a lot more wear in the future. They are insanely soft and stretchy and so, so perfect for when you want to slip into something that feels like a hug. While I don't mind when a pair of joggers has a drawstring, I also like when they don't - it feels sleeker and a little less bulky around the waist.

Sizing: These run a little small around the waist. They are very high waisted. I went with my usual size but if you are between sizes or worry about the high waist being too tight, I would go up a size.

Thoughts: This is a really great budget friendly option. They look the dressiest out of all the joggers so if you like the option to dress up or dress down your joggers this pair is a great option. 

(above) Zella jogger

Sizing: Runs big, I went down a size.

Thoughts: This pair has very thick fabric so if you want something that sucks you in more or is warmer for outdoor workouts or walks this is a good option. I don't think they are too thick for normal everyday wear, but they are significantly thicker than the Vuori joggers. What I do love is that they are definitely flattering on the waist/tummy because they really suck me in, in a good way.  This pair is a great classic pair with a nice price point under $50.

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