Friday, November 8, 2019

6 ways to style: hiking boots!

It's hard to believe we are already talking about winter boots! But it's been cold and snowy (so early!)  here in Michigan and it's time folks. These hiking boot style boots jumped right out at me while I was online shopping the other day and I instantly fell in love with them. When they arrived I found them to be even more beautiful in person and they are quite comfortable and warm too. So even though they haven't been exposed to TOO much winter weather yet, I can already tell they are going to be perfect for cold and snowy days. This hiking boot style is definitely having a moment. I've seen this style at so many retailers. I will link to similar options below if this exact pair isn't your style.  Also note that I swapped out the laces the boots came with for a red pair of laces too. I found these red laces on Amazon - be sure to measure the laces in the boots you own before you order them. I ordered mine a bit too small! oops!

For today's 6 ways to style post I styled up these boots SIX WAYS for late fall and winter. I love these posts because it reminds me to shop my own closet for new outfit combos and make sure the pieces I am buying (like these boots) are versatile enough to earn a permanent place in my closet.  My goal with the blog is to give inspiration on how to make the pieces we own work for us... no one-hit-wonders here. If you need more outfit ideas... be sure to check the entire 6 ways to style archives HERE.

Outfit 1 (left)
I love these boots paired with black jeans, I think they just pop! Paired with a simple sweater it's the perfect winter look - just add a coat!
Shop the pieces: boots, jeans, sweater

Outfit 2 (right)
This is the ideal everyday mom look for winter. A simple sweater and coat and jeans.
Shop the pieces: boots, jeans, sweater, coat

Outfit 3 (left)
When the weather takes a serious turn a puffer coat, thick socks and a cozy sweater are the perfect look for errands and holiday shopping!

Outfit 4 (right)
Do these boots work with mom-jeans!?!? I think so! This pair hits right at the ankle and I love how they look with a chunky sweater.
Shop the pieces: boots, similar jeans, sweater

Outfit 5 (left)
If you don't like the look of jeans tucked into the boots you can cuff the jeans too! This cozy look is perfect for those days you may not need a coat, but still want to stay warm.

Outfit 6 (right)
Winter boots and leggings are an old stand by. Throw on a big coat and you are set for all the errands while staying comfortable. 
Shop the pieces: boots, leggings, sweater


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