Monday, October 7, 2019

3 fall finds from Amazon!

Today I have a super quick Amazon try on session... like I mentioned last week I am working on keeping these super edited with minimal pieces.  Even though I'm just focusing on a handful of items I am trying to style them each a few ways to give you an idea of how versatile they can be!

Before we get to the pieces, I like to include a few random items I've ordered from Amazon lately... because the more random, the better... right!?!?

- If you do a lot of online shopping (hand raised!) you know that a fair amount of returns are involved... and since we buy almost all our clothes online as a family that means even more. I just stocked up on these return label slips for easy shipping and DUH, why didn't I think of this sooner!?!?

- This sounds silly but I hate heavy laundry detergent jugs and trying to pour out of them. You know? Is that a thing? Just me? I love these small concentrated bottles that are much easier to pour/store/handle than huge jugs.

- I love baths and with the cold weather creeping back in, it's officially 'bath season' in my house. These soaking Epsom salts smell great and are much less expensive that the version I usually get at Target.

- If you have kids you know that you can never find the scissors and when you can they are super dull. I ordered these scissors for myself and NO ONE is allowed to use them.  Haha - simple mom pleasures! They are crazy sharp and snazzy and they are going to be clutch for Christmas wrapping.

Okay let's get to the clothes... I've got a "win", a "maybe" and a definite "no" today... read on to see what I liked and why!

Okay, call me obsessed! Because I am obsessed with this sweatshirt. I've seen similar puff sleeve sweatshirts from other designers for a lot more money. This one is super soft, fits true to size (I'm in a size small) and is SO DANG CUTE. It's also available in black, which I am tempted to order as well! What I love is that you can totally dress it up with black jeans and loafers or dress it down with distressed jeans and (similar) sneakers! It's so cute either way!

Okay, I was really excited about this coat because it looks gorgeous online and it's available in quite a few classic colors like camel (shown), black and grey. Where things went bad was that I got the sizing wrong. This is HUGE on me and I'm in a size 4. Usually I'm a size small or sometimes an XS and I thought the 4 fit like a medium or even a smallish large. It was huge! The fabric was a little rumply - not sure if it needed a steam or it just was so big or what!?!? I would say definitely go down a size or two on this. The fabric is soft, it's nice and warm (especially for Michigan winters) and I love the tie waist which is so flattering. Plus, it's a great price. Coats like this are usually double the price. Here I showed it dressed up or down with distressed jeans and ankle boots or a cashmere sweaterdistressed jeans and (similar) sneakers.

This sweater dress is another gorgeous find! This is perfect for fall date nights or even Thanksgiving. I love that you can dress it up with a belt and loafers (maybe for the office?) or a denim jacket and ankle boots for weekends or a girls night out. I went down a size to an XS and it fit perfectly! There are lots of color options and the fabric is very soft! Also my husband really likes this one... so that always counts for a little something.

So here is the back story on this sweater... I ordered it a few weeks ago and I guess I wasn't paying attention because it said "FREE shipping" but not "PRIME shipping".  I got a notification that it would arrive before November 21 - ummmmm, okay. That seemed a little dramatic, haha! While I was double checking my order I also realized that I never specified a SIZE. Apparently it's a one size fits all situation.  In the end it only took about 9 days for the sweater to arrive and it fits like an oversized small or a medium. So it all worked out. If you don't mind a little excitement alongside your Amazon orders (when will it arrive? what size will it be?) I do recommend the sweater because it's super cute in person and cozy too. The fabric is a little stiff at first, but it seems to have relaxed as I have worn it.  Here I paired it with blue jeans and (similar) sneakers or black jeans and loafers. I've also worn it with leggings - so it's super versatile. From the looks of it, some colors are PRIME and some are just FREE shipping - it's also available in a gorgeous grey or black color way too!

Final thoughts! Deciding what to keep and what to send back is sometime difficult and other times quite easy. It usually depends on many factors... but here are my thoughts on these specific pieces:

- Grey Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt: this one is easy. I love it! It's a definite keeper!

- Camel Wrap Coat: I want to love this so much and I'm hoping a smaller size will fit and feel better. I'll be returning this and likely buying in a new size.

- Sweater Dress: I seriously love this but I need to make sure I will wear it. I'm going to think on this one... these are the tougher decisions. I want it, but will I wear it as much as I think I will?

Leopard Sweater: despite the wait, this one is a keeper! I love this sweater!

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