Friday, November 9, 2018

my everyday style: farewell to fall (+ a fun announcement)!

Aren't these leaves on the ground just so GORGEOUS!?!? Oh my... fall is just the best.  The harsh reality is that once these leaves fall to the ground like this... fall is officially on it's way out. Super sad face.  It's so incredibly sad to see their beauty go, but we have enjoyed them as much as possible!  Speaking of fall... this outfit here has been a go-to fall outfit formula this season.  I can wear this combo endlessly... easy top, cardigan (this one is a great price!), jeans, DONE. So warm and cozy, so easy. And you can bet I'm not ditching this combo for winter either. So get used to it! Have we talked about these wedge boots lately? I've been living in them... the UGG fur footbed makes them SUPER warm and cozy - so I can't resist.  Plus with the waterproof leather and nice thick tread, I can wear them all winter  as well. Winter is knocking on our door here in Michigan and while there are hardly enough cardigans in the world to keep me warm enough for winter... I'll keep trying.  And with that in mind... it's time to switch gears here on the blog with a very fun announcement:

I'm SO excited to announce that the holiday season is kicking off here on the blog on MONDAY! We are less than two weeks from Thanksgiving and it's TIME.  I have some amazing content for you that I can not wait to start sharing.  I have a really fun capsule collection featuring how to take ten wardrobe pieces and make TWELVE holiday outfits with those ten pieces. There will be outfits for everything from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Christmas parties to New Years Eve celebrations and in between. I've been working on it for over a month behind the scenes and I can NOT wait to bring it to you.  So that will kick off next week alongside some other fun holiday content I have planned that I think you will enjoy as well.  Then gift guides will launch next week too! This year I am mixing up gift guides and featuring the actual gifts I am giving this year... yep! I'm already DONE with my shopping (mostly, wink wink!) and I will be bringing you gift ideas that are actually under my tree this year.  Then of course I am planning some EPIC coverage of Black Friday through Cyber Monday to make sure you have access to ALL the sales in ONE place.  The entire party kicks off next week and I can't wait to bring it all to you, so make sure you stop by next week.  As always I want to make sure to THANK YOU guys for supporting this blog and making it a part of your day to visit here - because of you gals I am inspired to bring you the BEST holiday content in the blogger world. I sincerely hope that my holiday coverage is TRULY inspiring and helpful for navigating the holidays. Oh and ONE more thing... make sure you are following me on Instagram these days! I'm doing some awesome holiday gift card giveaways to help with your Christmas shopping over the next week or so!

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