Tuesday, January 9, 2018

my everyday style: a leopard coat + 10 things making me happy right now!

I am finally getting back into the swing of LIFE after a crazy long (seeming) winter break for the kids.  Whew! It was great to step back a little from social media and work in general after a super busy holiday season here on the blog - but it feels equally good to be BACK in action now. I'm excited to get this year under way and take some quiet time to myself this week to work on goals for the year too. Today to start the year off on the right foot I've got 10 things that are making me happy right now!

1) This leopard coat! I'm a little late on the leopard coat trend this winter, but now I wish I had jumped in sooner!  It's such a fun coat to wear and it's just classic and crazy enough to be timeless.  This exact one is sold out, but I found a few similar options here, here and here.
2) Warmer temps are coming! After weeks of snow and sub-zero temperatures we are finally going to make it back to normal temps (20s and 30s) with maybe even a "warm" 40 degree day. It's crazy to get excited about that... but I am!
3) Warm weather travel... I'm counting down the MINUTES to warm weather travel! Oh my, it can't come soon enough but I am so glad it's finally on the horizon.
4) Spring retails is popping up! I'm loving dreaming about spring... it certainly helps to have gorgeous sandals, dresses and beach bags to help my day dreams along.
5) My husband and I are kicking off the year with a healthy eating and fitness challenge (maybe I'll share more on this later) and while I don't love quitting wine and candy and ice cream and pizza... I do love the feeling of being back to working out and eating healthy. That feels good.
6) That fresh feeling the house has once all the Christmas decorations come down. Yes, it's sad to see the tree come down and all it's other accouterments - but that FRESH feeling is one of a kind.  Suddenly my house feels 50% bigger!
7) I complain about winter but I do love this mental break to cuddle down a bit... after a super busy holiday season it's so nice to legitimately go to bed at 8pm without feelings like I should be doing something or that I am missing something.  Early bedtimes are unheard of in the summer, so I'm trying to enjoy this while it's here.
8) My winter skin has been terrible this year! So dry! I've been using this stuff on my face at night and it's working wonders.  It's seriously saving me.
9) I found these down blankets on crazy sale HERE recently and snagged a couple for our house.  They are SO warm and perfect for snuggling on the sofa, but you can bet I will be bringing them to soccer and football games next fall too! This blanket and a good book is the perfect evening activity for me!
10) You gals! I feel like I don't say it enough how THANKFUL I am for you gals that show up here and support me and support this little blog.  Without you ladies I wouldn't be able to do this amazing job!  I'm so excited to see what 2018 will hold for the blog... I have a feeling it's going to be GOOD.

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