Thursday, January 11, 2018

fitness gear for 2018!

I don't necessarily go in to the New Year with goals to work out more... but I do tend to work out this time of year more than others.  Coincidence? Maybe.  I blame it on the terrible weather and the grey days.  There isn't much better to do and with the busy-ness of the holidays over I finally have time for me again.  Plus, let's not lie... spring break is on the horizon and the thought of me in a bathing suit right now isn't a pleasant one.

I realized this week after finally getting back to working out that my workout drawer needed a serious clean out and update! Not only do I really need a few new things (how do I only have 2 decent sports bras!?!) I really can use the incentive as well... because we all know that new workout wear can really inspire us to get to the gym AND helps us hold those planks longer. Well, at least the first part is true (wink, wink) - I only wish on the planking part.

By the way, I would love to know your favorite way to get sweaty!  Mine is Pure Barre... I really don't care for working out... but PB just does it for me. I love the music and that each class pushes me to my limit in the best way.  I am known to dabble in a little hot yoga and pilates as well.  Or if the weather cooperates I just love a good heart-pumping walk.  I'm so looking forward to spring for my walks to return!

Today I rounded up my personal wish list for some new fitness gear this year... there are some pretty amazing pieces here that I am totally crushing on.  Maybe a few will catch your eye too?

third row, from left: grey striped mesh topdrape back tank (so pretty, comes in a few colors!), black side ruched top (under $20!), pink twist top (under $17!)

fourth row, from left: black mesh panel leggings (under $30!), black leggings (the leggings everyone raves about!), black and white leggingsgrey shine leggings (under $35!), tie ankle leggings (under $30!)

bottom row, from left: pink sneakers (under $70!), grey sneakerssequin sneakers (OMG!)

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